Remembering Kimba 1999-2013

Kimba, our almost 14 year-old seal point Himalayan cat, was named after Kimba the White Lion, an animated Japanese character.  She joined our family when the triplets were 5 1/2 but she really bonded with Tween daughter who was born a year later.  Kimba “guarded” the new baby’s room and watched as she learned to crawl, walk and talk.  Wherever the new baby was, Kimba was.

KImba and 8 year-old Daughter.

Kimba and 8 year-old Daughter.

Kimba and 8 year-old Daughter.

Kimba and 8 year-old Daughter.

Sadly, Kimba died today.  Almost 14 years old, she stopped eating and drinking a week ago, developed tumors on her mouth, could barely walk and had an enlarged kidney.  Old age caught up with her.  Tween Daughter and I comforted her when she died.  We cried.  She passed on peacefully, but we will miss our sweet, purring ball of fur.  I always said when I brushed her that I could get another cat out of the extra fur.  She loved to cuddle, snuggle under the covers while Tween Daughter and I read together, play with her ribbon toy, look out of windows and eat dinner when we ate dinner.  We figured she wondered when “that barking creature named Lucy” was leaving the house, and we banned Lucy from the basement so Kimba could have her own space.  Poor Lucy just wanted to play.  Poor Kimba just wanted to nap quietly.

A rare moment with Lucy and Kimba in matching red, sequin dresses, dressed up for Halloween.

A rare moment at peace with Lucy.  Kitty and Puppy are wearing matching red, sequin dresses for Halloween.

The birds, bugs and fresh air are fun to watch.

The birds, bugs and fresh air are fun to watch.

We’ll miss you, Kimba!

Saying Goodbye.

Saying Goodbye.


21 thoughts on “Remembering Kimba 1999-2013

    • Thanks for commenting and, you’re right, our sweet angels become family members. Wow, 24 year old! I’m sure there’s a special place with unlimited sunny spots to lay in for Kimba, Marshmellow and many others.

  1. So sorry. She was very loved and fortunate to be a special member of your family. She hid from me too but I never took it personally. You honored her beautifully. Love, Laura

  2. So sorry your precious kitty died. It is so sad to lose a pet just heartbreaking.
    Grieve as long as you need and stay strong.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about Kimba’s passing. She lived a good life with a lot of love. How wonderful that you were with her as she moved on. My condolences to all of you.

  4. Although I never actually saw Kimba (and we have been friends for over 10 years 🙂 I know she was an important part of your family and she will be missed! Beautiful tribute.

    • Jeri, don’t take it personally that she didn’t show up when you were over. Hiding was one of her specialties. I’ve had to cancel vet appointments when I couldn’t find her!

  5. I am so sorry Nay and Darcy. I saw the video of Darcy giving her water. Kimba lived a nice life. Love, Sue

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  6. So sorry about Kimba. It’s so difficult to lose a member of the family. We lost our 18 year old girl in September and her 17 year old mom the November before. It is comforting for them when you’re with them. I believe they can feel the love. RIP Kimba…

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