Lucy and me.
Lucy and me.



Hi. I’m Naomi Gruer. Thanks for reading my Lifestyle Blog where I share anecdotes, recipes, DIY projects, photography, videos, reviews, lots of kids stuff and, basically, anything I’m interested in. I started Bmore Energy as a place to “stretch before I exercise.” What am I training for? Writing Kid Lit–my passion and dream! I wrote my first picture book at age 10, wrapping it in plastic wrap so it looked like it came from the library.

I grew up in Baltimore (Bmore), a city with its own flavor (Old Bay), where everyone calls each other Hon, and wooder (water) is what you drink. I crave Thrasher’s french fries (with vinegar), snowballs (chocolate marshmallow-duh!) and a drive over the Bay Bridge to get to the Eastern shore. I went to college in New England where everyone thought my accent was from the Deep South. After a few years living in the Big Apple, Hubby and I settled in New Jersey. I still have trouble with NJ’s jug handles, but I’ve loved raising triplets plus one in the Garden State where “down the shore,” the mountains and Manhattan are all an hour away.

I often hear, “You’re a high energy person.” I am. I want to share my Bmore energy and ideas with you.

Hope to hear from you, hon.

🙂 Naomi

P.S.  All of the photographs on the site are mine unless they are of me or otherwise stated.  If you use any, please link them back to me at Bmore Energy.  If you’re interested in purchasing any, leave me a comment or e-mail me at bmoreenergy@gmail.com.  Thanks!


26 thoughts on “About

    1. Thanks for the nominations and I’ll check out the details when I get back from a short weekend away. I’ll be multitasking poolside: revising, editing, knitting and trying to tan my legs (Who cares if the skin on my legs look like alligator hides?) while possibly sipping a virgin Pina Colada! Now you know why I am “Bmore Energy!”


  1. Naomi,

    I have enjoyed some of your posts (need to check the rest) and feel as if you are reading my mind. Your blog is also dangerous with all those lovely recipes – plus pictures to make it even more dangerous. I loved the pictures of the snow – I lived in Westwood N.J. in the late 70’s and saw my first ice storm – it was so gorgeous the next day with the sun out, making the ice encrusted trees and parking meters sparkle like diamonds. Also treacherous to drive, I let my car go its own speed and was glad to be back home.


  2. Hope

    Naomi – this is the best blog I’ve ever read. I love your take on life -I love hearing your stories. Your photos are beautiful. Glad Liza forwarded the link to me.
    xo Hope


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