Pizza By The Pool in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Chance meeting over pizza slices.
Chance meeting over pizza slices.

Back story:  When I mentioned my upcoming trip to Myrtle Beach, SC to my ceramics class, one of the women said her son would also be there with a bunch of friends. She showed me his picture.

“If you see Ned, you could say hi,” Julie said.

“Sure,” I replied.  (By the way, Myrtle Beach is big.)

Fast forward to the weekend in SC:

Scenario:  We have a pizza for lunch and there are extra slices.

Hubby:  “I think I’ll find some teenage boys and offer them the extra slices.”

Me:  “That’s weird. Why would some teenage boys want pizza from a stranger?”

Teenage daughter:  “Yeah, Dad.  That’s creepy.”

Younger daughter:  “Dont, Dad.”

Hubby:  “They’ll love it. I’m going to ask them.  Bye.”

Me:  “Do what you want.”

Teenage Daughter:  “Whatever.”

Younger Daughter:  “I wouldn’t take pizza from a stranger.”

A few minutes later, two teenage boys are fishing around in the pizza box.

Me:  “Hi.  Are you in college?”

Teenage Boy while eating a slice:  “Yeah.”

Me:  “Where do you go?”

Teenage Boy:  “Boston College.”

Me:  “Where are you from?”

Teenage Boy:  “Westfield.”

Me, now jumping to my feet:  “Is your name Ned?  Is your mom Julie?”

Teenage Boy, hesitatingly:  “Yes and, ummm, yes.”

Me:  “I take ceramics with your mom!”

Teenage Boy:  “No way!  My mom is very proud of her ceramics.”

Teenage Daughter:  “So is my mom.”

Me:  “Did you have a goatee a couple of days ago?”

Teenage Daughter:  “Mom, that’s creepy,”

Teenage Boy rubbing his chin:   “Actually, I did.”

Me:  “Your mom showed me your picture and you had a goatee in it.”

Teenage Boy’s friend chimes in.  Turns out one of their high school friends goes to college with my other teenage daughter.  We meet the whole crew and we all laugh at what a small world it is!

Later, as told to me by my teenage daughter, when she was hanging out in the pool with the group of guys:

Teenage Daughter:  “Sorry if my mom creeped you out.”

Teenage Boy:  “That’s okay, my mom’s the same way.”

Moral of the story:  Hon, teenage boys will take pizza from anyone!

Rising sophomores in college. What a nice bunch of boys!
Rising sophomores in college. What a nice bunch of boys!

19 thoughts on “Pizza By The Pool in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

  1. It truly is a small world. And I can’t believe you thought teenage boys wouldn’t eat the pizza! teenage boys will eat ANYTHING. My cousin had to get all her groceries from Costco as soon as her boys turned 12… 🙂


    1. Judy,glad you liked it. When I relayed the incident to Teenage Daughter’s boyfriend, he said he’d have bitten (pun intended) the offer for a slice also. Guess Hubby knows teenage boys better than I do!


      1. I know just what you mean…there’re so many fun things to do with your kids when they are teenagers. We have loved going to grown-up movies and concerts together, shopping, taking day trips to the beach, skiing, sledding and, you’ll like this one, cooking and baking. Great mommy now, wonderful mom later! 🙂


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