Coon Mama Jama Take 2


What would you do if you found two orphaned raccoon kits?

I came home from work at the end of the day and, after walking Lucy, stumbled across a very large raccoon tail and it wasn’t moving. As I contemplated what to do with the deceased raccoon, I discovered raccoon babies nearby. Poor little angels!

I grabbed heavy gloves, a big towel, and a cat carrier. The terrified babies are now safe and sound and quarantined until I can get them to the Woodlands Wildlife Refuge  which is where I brought the week old raccoon kit that was discovered on top of my car last May–almost exactly a year ago, how strange! (see original post Coon Mama Jama)

Since raccoons are nocturnal, the mom and babies must have come out last night and, for some unknown reason, the mom passed away. (I left a message for Animal Control. Don’t they usually test deceased raccoons for rabies?)That means the babies have been outside all day…and it’s been on-and-off raining all day. Oh no! That’s why their fur looks wet and messy. They must be really hungry. Looking up what to feed them now.

The raccoon kits are going to have to wait because first in line tomorrow for Mama Care is my youngest. She’s getting all four wisdom teeth out tomorrow! 

To be continued…

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