Top Ten Reasons Why Disco Dude Rocks

Disco Dude from Zoe My nine year-old niece drew this disco dude. She certainly didn’t see John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever and I don’t know if she has watched Grease, but she’s come up with her own version of a classic. Hon, here are the top ten reasons why this guy makes me laugh.

1.  Disco Dude’s wearing dark sunglasses inside.

2.  He’s dancing right under the disco ball.

3. Check out his open collared shirt and dark, curly chest hair.

4. Disco Dude’s sporting some cool white boots. (go go boots for men?)

5. Disco Dude’s dancing to the music.

6. He’s shaking his head.

7. He’s moving his hands and feet.

8. He’s wearing purple pants and wiggling his rear end. (love that!)

9. He’s a happy guy.

10. Disco Dude was a gift for my hubby who doesn’t like to dance and, when he had hair, was a blonde. But, Hubby promotes silliness, totally gets elementary school age humor, and appreciates the budding talent of his nine year-old niece.

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons Why Disco Dude Rocks

  1. Ruth Shock

    I LOVE disco dude too! As Naomi said, he’s happy, he’s groovy and he radiates the pure joy of shaking your booty. Thanks for posting this:)


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