BuzzFeed Brisket Battle

Hon, guess what…

…I’m going to be in a BuzzFeed video where the subject is Jewish moms rating each other’s brisket. OY!

When it comes out in a couple of weeks, I’m either going to be laughing hysterically, crying with embarrassment, or both! If you never hear from me again, it’s because I’m hiding under a rock. Permanently! Here’s the skinny on the experience.

I heard about the opportunity for Jewish moms and brisket, and since my youngest and I have laughed while watching many a BuzzFeed video, I figured why not reach out? After learning that I had to bring a cooked and sliced brisket with me to the set, I called my mother-in-law for her recipe and the butcher for the meat.

I’ve cooked many briskets in my life, but none were as good as my my mother-in-law’s. Cecile makes a delicious brisket (along with many other dishes), but there’s one problem when asking her for a recipe—measurements! She knows the right amount of ingredients to use by eye, so you have to ask, “How much paprika should I use? A cup? A tablespoon? A teaspoon? A pinch?” Then there are the steps! So many steps!

When the brisket was cooked and cooled, Hubby got to work slicing. I carried the very-well-wrapped dish with me on the train from NJ to NY. I thought, if the train breaks down, I’ll have food for a bunch of people, but no forks!

The BuzzFeed office is cool. Really cool. Funky murals-large snack area-red-walled conference room-signs I wanted to Tweet-cool. I was older than every single employee, so when a woman walked in who looked to be about my age, I said. “You must be one of the Jewish moms!” She was.

Soon, five of us along with accompanying hubbies, uncle, and a friend were kibitzing (Yiddush for talking.) Shout out to the other moms, Helene, Jen, Marci, and Shannon, who were as nice as could be. We were called to the set one at a time to try each other’s food, but here’s the rub. The thing that makes the videos funny is when you’re a little mean about the food you’re trying.

Some of the questions asked were:

  • Do you agree to be completely honest?
  • What does this piece of brisket say about the person who made it?
  • What is this dish missing and what would you add to it?
  • What rating between 1 and 10 would you give it?
  • Would you serve this to your family?

I felt so bad after saying I would not serve one of the dishes to my family* that I said to the director, “Wait! Stop! Can I make a disclaimer?!” 

“Sure, make a disclaimer,” he said.

I looked straight into the camera. “I like everyone I met today! Please don’t take any of this personally!” 

*What I didn’t say and maybe should have, was that when my triplets plus a younger child were little, and I was perpetually exhausted and running around like a chicken with no head, any food made by someone else was wonderful! So who am I to be so picky? OY GIVALT!

I thought about the whole experience some more and, you know what? If the other moms didn’t like my brisket and wouldn’t serve it to their families, I’m okay with that because:

  1. This was all in good fun,
  2. each of our families loves our cooking and,
  3. it’s not like the winner gets an all-expense-paid vacation. You know what the winner gets? Bragging rights!

Flags, Friends and Family


Happy Fourth of July!  

I’m still cleaning up and catching up from our Big Family Event but I wanted to share pics that make me as happy as Pharrell Williams’ song. While looking up the link for the song, guess what I found?  The Baltimore Police Department made their own “Happy” video!  It made me smile because I’m from Bmore and the folks in it are, well, happy!  

Enjoy the day,  hon!

Monument Valley, Utah
Monument Valley, Utah
Optical illusion of a flag from the Top of the Rock, NYC.
Optical illusion of a flag from the Top of the Rock, NYC.

At a July 4th bbq a bunch of years ago, my college girlfriends and I had a blast getting our kids together.

"Push me!"
“Push me!”
"Hold on tight!"
“Hold on tight!”

I came across these precious pics of my triplets when they were almost 7 years old and my “plus one” was a newborn.

"Say cheese!"
“Say cheese!”
Check out my son's body language.  It says more words!
Check out my son’s body language. It says more than words!







Moody, Magical, Manhattan (Stunning City Video)


Are you freezing in your part of the world?

Here in New Jersey, we wake up to frozen water pipes and temperatures hovering around the teens.  If the thermometer reads above 32 degrees F, it’s practically a heat wave!  My son, who attends University of Vermont, called to ask how to de-thaw a windshield sporting a layer of ice.  It froze in the 16 degrees below zero temperature!

We had another snow day this week and the tweens came to play.  (My house is on a hill.  Pro:  It’s great for sledding.  Con:  Every ball you don’t catch rolls into the street.)  Guess who wanted to play with the Tween Daughter and her friends.  Lucy.  Guess who wanted to play with Lucy.  Me!

When I came inside to warm up, there was a treat waiting for me.  An amazingly talented, ambitious young man, a friend of my triplets, sent me a link to a video he made of the snow in Manhattan.  I usually only post my videos, but Jake Oleson invited me to share his short film.  So you, my supportive, encouraging bloggers and friends, are getting a winter treat, too.  Enjoy.

Click here to watch Jake’s Video.