Predator Poem


I haven’t posted about Midnight, our outdoor cat, in awhile (He refuses to come inside even when invited in!), but that doesn’t mean he isn’t up to his usual shenanigans: sitting on top of the grill and staring into the kitchen window to get our attention when he’s hungry, doing circle eights around Hubby’s ankles when Hubby’s grilling, howling at neighborhood bullies–ahem, I mean other cats–that want to eat his food, hiding under cars, making toys out of fledgling birds (future post–how to splint the broken leg of a bird!)…

…and hunting.

Midnight is so thankful that we greet him each day with food, water, and glad-to-see-you-chatter that he brought us a present. A dead squirrel! Wasn’t that thoughtful?

Squirrel Eulogy

This is an old tale

Of a new kitty

Gifting the people

Who feed him

And pet him

And love him

Treasure from the hunt,

Prowess on display.

Everyone thanks Midnight…

Except the squirrel.