Lucy, the Snow “Bunny,” a Joyful Video

Lucy looking for her ball in the snow.
Lucy looking for her ball in the snow.

Some”bunny” loves the snow!

Whenever it snows, I tell Lucy, “You should live in Alaska!” Though ice crystals form on the tips of her fur, she self-insulates. Her puffed up fur keeps her body warm and making her paws look three times their normal size. She hops in the snow, herds anyone who sleds, and “helps” us shovel.

Want to see pure joy? Click “Snow Puppy” or hit the play button below.

Thanks for watching, hon!


Happy On a Hill, Short Video

Me and Lucy.

Me and Morgan.

Me and Hannah.

Welcoming Winter!

“I have this theory that people make an implicit decision as to whether they’re going to stay young and curious and interesting and interested, or whether they’re just going to let themselves age.”*

Living on a hill has its advantages and disadvantages. Disadvantages? Balls roll away, mud and ice makes it especially slippery, the garden’s on a slope, and climbing back up the hill in snow is a workout. Advantage? Being “the sledding house!”

I created this video after a blizzard in 2015, and it always make me smile.

Click link to to watch the one-minute video:  Snow Day/Blizzard 2015 

* Quote by Mitch Rothschild, Chief Executive of Vitals, a website that connects patients and doctors, from a 1/25/15 article in The New York Times.

**music on video, Paul Hardcastle-The Jazzmasters “See You in July”

Heartwarming Snow Day Letter

Liquid Copper, Curly Girl and Me.
Hannah, Morgan and me.

Hon, you know I love snow, especially when it blankets the ground, decorates the trees, and beckons us outside. Crisp, fresh, snow-in-the-sky air makes me so happy. There’s a certain scent before it snows and another when it’s crunchy under our boots. At home, we sled. On a mountain, we ski. This year, the first big snow is a gift to our pandemic-weary spirits–a call to go outside and play. Somehow, a letter from the superintendent of  Jefferson County Schools in West Virginia found its way to my in-box.

It’s fantastic!



Snowy Mixed Media Scene, Kids Craft, Part 2

I love how different colors of snowy paper were used to create the background.

Describe your picture! 

The kids in After School Enrichment classes were happy to share their work, proud of their creations, and loved describing what was happening in their scenes. I loved seeing how each child combined materials. The kids couldn’t wait to share their pictures with their families.

Click here to learn how to make “snowy” paper.

Supplies for snowy mixed media scene:
  • “snowy” paper made with marbles and a larger, thicker piece of white paper
  • stickers (We used panda and skiing stickers.)
  • white glue
  • yarn and/or any other things you want to add to picture (ideas: mini-pom-poms, gems, foam stickers or shapes, ribbon)
  • scissors
  • markers
  • newspaper
Steps to make snowy mixed media scene:
  1. Spread newspaper over work area.
  2. Cut snowy paper to fit scene however desired. Glue to white paper.
  3. Add stickers and glue yarn or other elements to picture.
  4. Draw on picture if desired.
  5. Sign and let dry.

Snowy Mixed Media Scene, Kids Craft, Part 1

Winter’s not over yet! 

Got kids? Need an easy activity for them? Why not make a snowy mixed media scene starting with marbles, paint, and construction paper? The kids in my After School Enrichment class had fun creating their own background snow.

Supplies to make “snow” with marbles and paint:

  • white paint (we used water-based poster paint)
  • marbles
  • paint palette or paper bowl
  • construction paper
  • scissors
  • newspaper
  • either a disposable cup with lid or another small container with lid

Steps to make “snowy” paper:

  1. Spread newspaper over work area.
  2. Cut construction paper into strips, squares or whatever shapes you want. Place one strip into disposable cup.
  3. Squirt paint onto palette. Place marbles in paint, rolling them around so that they’re covered.
  4. Place paint-coated marble into cup, secure lid, and shake.
  5. Carefully remove paint-splattered construction paper. Let dry.
  6. Repeat coating of marble, lining inside of cup with construction paper, and shaking marble inside of cup until you’ve created a bunch of “snowy” paper.

With lid secured, paint-coated marble is ready to shake.

“Snowy” paper drying.

Next post: mixed media scene comes together.

Motto Mom In the Moment! (Snow Day Shenanigans–a Short Video)

Liquid Copper, Curly Girl and Me.
Liquid Copper, Curly Girl and Me.

“I have this theory that people make an implicit decision as to whether they’re going to stay young and curious and interesting and interested, or whether they’re just going to let themselves age.”*

Call me “Motto Mom.”  Maybe mottos would roll off my tongue even if I didn’t have triplets, but mottos have allowed me to live in the moment.  One of them is, “If you can’t beat them, join them.” If it’s a snow day, and there is NO WAY I’m going to get any work done, I allow myself to enjoy the found time.  Guess where you’ll find my kids, their friends and me?  Outside playing because 1) living on a hill makes us the “Sledding House,” 2) you’re never to old to play, and 3) there’s always hot chocolate and marshmallows afterward!

You know what else I’m good for, besides serving snacks and hot drinks?  Videoing the shenanigans.  Except when I decide to video the “sled train” head on!  Ahhh!

Enjoy the 1 minute video of being in the moment!

Click link to watch video:  Snow Day/Blizzard 2015 

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Snow Puppy

* Quote by Mitch Rothschild, Chief Executive of Vitals, a website that connects patients and doctors, from a 1/25/15 article in The New York Times.

**music on video, Paul Hardcastle-The Jazzmasters “See You in July”

Naughty Dog! (Before and After)

Before the snow.
Before the snow.

After the snow.
After the snow.

Before the snow.
Before the snow.

After the snow.
After the snow.

In between.
Before the snow.

After the snow.
After the snow.

Hon, you know how much I love Lucy!

She’s my first dog and I think she’s the–umm–cat’s meow.  She’s a sweetheart, angel, practically my fifth child.  I’ve become one of those people who shows dog photos to just about everyone she meets.  She makes me happy and I want to share the joy.

But, one day she was so naughty that I debated a return to my former cats-only status. 

Every Sunday that’s not warm enough to bike, I run in the South Mountain Reservation.  Lucy is my running partner and she always has the best day running, playing with her doggie friends and swimming in the Rahway river.  Click here to see a video of her splashing and swimming with her friends.

I let Lucy off leash so she can run (and, let’s be honest, tire herself out).  She can be cagey about returning to me, but when I say, “Bye bye Lucy, Mommy’s leaving the store now,” she usually comes.  It may take a few minutes, and bikers may stop to watch and laugh at my attempt to use reverse psychology on a dog, but it’s all in good fun.  That was BEFORE THE SNOW.

AFTER THE SNOW, my sweet, little, black dog wasn’t such an angel!  One Sunday, we went on our usual run.  I let her off leash where the water runs over a dam.  Guess what she did next?

She ran far out on the frozen river, jumped off the edge of the ice and plunged into the freezing cold water!

I couldn’t believe it!  Horrified, I thought What should I do?  Should I go out on the ice?  What if its too thin and I fall in?  Should I call the fire department?  Does anyone have a long rope I can tie around my waist so I can slither over the ice on my belly to rescue my crazy dog?

Then Lucy’s head bobbed up, she hoisted her front paws and torso over the ice, and found the strength to scramble up and out of the water.  Boy, was I was relieved!  And mad!  (Parents, you know how our kids wonder why we yell when they get hurt?  I tell my kids it’s because we’re scared, and that’s just how we react.)

Lucy, dripping wet and shivering, stood for a few seconds on the ice.  I thought she’d run into my arms but, instead, she seemed to forget the whole “I almost drowned in sub-zero water” incident and bounded down to the snowy rocks below the dam!  That naughty dog!  I yelled, “Lucy, bye-bye, Mommy’s leaving the store!”  No luck.  I yelled, “Lucy, yum-yum’s” while holding out dog treats.  No luck.  I screamed, “Lucy, get over here!”  Still no luck.  Even though the temperature hovered around 20 degrees, I was steaming!

Twenty minutes later, I caught her and yelled, “That’s it!  You’re done!” and “You naughty doggie!”

The next day, my daughter ran into a mom she babysat for and told her about the “Lucy Incident.”  That mom said she saw the whole thing from the other side of the river.  She saw a dog run out on the ice, recognized my voice, and knew the naughty dog was Lucy.

Lesson Learned:  Lucy is not allowed off leash if the river’s turned to ice.

Also:  Carry fresh turkey in my pocket; she always comes for that.

Also:  My voice carries.

But, how can you stay mad at a sweet angel when she looks at you like this?  


And this?


Hello Dolly


My Aunt Jessica adopted a 12 week-old kitten a couple of years ago from a man who rescued kittens from under the  Atlantic City, NJ boardwalk.  Dolly had a severe ear mites infestation, a bacterial infection and needed to be spayed, but she had found her “forever home.”

About a year ago, it became apparent that Dolly had a more serious health issue.  One kidney was obstructed, filling with urine and ballooning to three times its normal size.  The vet said the choices were to remove the kidney and save Dolly’s life or do nothing, in which case Dolly wouldn’t make it; her condition was life-threatening.  The operation was expensive, but my aunt decided to proceed–there was really no choice when it came to Dolly.

Dolly, all better now, is shy with strangers.  Visitors might see a blur of caramel-colored fur streak past.  Before you finish saying, “There she is,” she’s gone.

With Aunt Jessica, she’s—well—a doll!  She’s so affectionate (umm, clingy), that she craves constant physical contact.  She loves tennis on television, walking behind the T.V. to find the tennis ball.  Snowflakes are fascinating!  She’s the first to “tell” my aunt when it snows.  She chirps, squeaks, purrs and mutters.  Clothes on a drying rack, especially undergarments are fair game.  Dolly will knock down her prey, dragging it around the apartment like a lion parading her kill.

On a recent visit, Dolly and I bonded, sort-of-ish.  I took these pictures with my phone which is why they’re grainy.  Still, I think you can see Dolly’s personality shining through.


Curious enough to come out of hiding.

IMG_3341Sizing me up.  Friend or foe?

IMG_3352From a mouse’s point-of view. 

IMG_3351Pretty kitty!

Do you have a pet rescue story you’d like to share?

I’d love to  hear it, hon!