Spring Video, How Does Life Live?

In celebration of Spring, I’m adding a new post every day this week and came across something extraordinary to share. It’s a 12-minute video called How Does Life Live? by Kelly O’BrienIt’s just beautiful!

Kelly filmed her daughters playing while her 3 year-old Willow asks questions about life. O’Brien says, “Kids are endlessly curious and ask about how life works, the ineffable mystery of it, all the time. Their questions reflect that time between innocence and experience as they try to figure out who they are in relation to the world around them.” My favorite question Willow asks is, “Do blue butterflies eat part of the sky?”

It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.”
Rainer Maria Rilke

If you watch How Does Life Live?, I’d love to know what your favorite question was.

Happy new beginnings, hon.


Stunning Short Film–Terror and Resilience

Dome of the Rock, also know as Al-Haram al Sharif, Jerusalem, Israel
Dome of the Rock, also know as Al-Haram al Sharif, Jerusalem, Israel
Arab souk (market), Jerusalem, Israel
Arab souk (market), Jerusalem, Israel

The two times I toured Israel were intense, emotional, amazing experiences. The Dome of the Rock, or Al-Haram al-Sharif, stands head and shoulders above Jerusalem while the Arab market’s sellers, locals and tourists scurry like mice under the watchful eyes of Israeli soldiers.

Although I usually add upbeat lifestyle posts to Bmore Energy , on occasion I add serious ones.

After I viewed Vitals, a 5-minute documentary filmed in Jerusalem, about Hananel David, an Israeli who survived a knife attack, I knew I wanted to share it. The film, directed by friend Jake Oleson, a talented filmmaker whose work I’ve featured before, is stunning.

I hope you’ll watch it.

Wishing you–and our world–peace in 2016.


Directed by Jake Oleson, Cinematography by Todd Martin, Produced by Alon Simcha, Animation by Casey Drogin, Original Music by Matthew Kidd, Commissioned by Magen David Adom.


Manhattan Moments (Exquisite Short Film)

Central Park, Manhattan
Central Park, Manhattan
Central Park, Manhattan
Central Park, Manhattan

In January, I shared a gorgeous short video in a post called Moody, Magical Manhattan (Stunning City Video). Friend to my kids and amazing filmmaker Jake Oleson is at it again. His latest film reminded me of photos I took in Central Park. It’s easy to “find the extraordinary in the ordinary” in New York City.  Jake and the people he worked with certainly did.

Click on Still Life.  It’s subjects, close-ups, slow motion and message are exquisite!

Enjoy, hon! I’d love to hear what you think of the film.

The particulars:

“Still Life” premiered on April 27th at the NFFTY (National Film Festival for Talented Youth) festival in Seattle.

Directed and Shot by Charles Frank and Jake Oleson
Starring Chris Trindade
Written by Kyle Harper
Voiceover by Beau Stephenson
Produced and Colored by Andrew Hutcheson
Music by Philip Glass & Tony Anderson
Sound Design by Stranded On a Planet Studios