Ceramics: Two-Year Tea Set

Teaset glazed in nutmeg and slate.
I had no idea that a tea set project would take two years!

Wheel throwing a tea set was a challenging project for many reasons. Who knew that centering and opening a ball of clay that could fit in the palm of your hands would be so hard?! In my attempt to create tea cups, it looks weeks to get six, relatively similar sizes. Some were too thin and some were too lopsided–so many throw-aways!

Then there was the teapot itself. This proved so challenging that almost all of us students needed hands-on help from our instructor (Shout out to Beatrice!) She patiently taught us how to form a vessel and spout, a lid and, much harder than it looks, a handle.

After the tea cups and tea pot were made, what about a tray? My first attempt cracked in the kiln, and that’s where the project stalled. I didn’t want to glaze the pieces until I’d made them all so, discouraged, I put the them away. I waited and waited until I was ready to hand-build another tray. Two years later, this summer, I did.

The tea pot set saga is a metaphor for my writing, though working through the disappointments and successes of pottery feels completely different. In Ceramics, I’m more interested in the process than the product. When working on a manuscript, I enjoy the process, but have a specific goal in mind–to bring my characters and stories to life.

Whereas, the clay ignites my imagination…my imagination ignites the stories.

Hon, happy creating and imagining and working and persevering.

The Top Ten Things I Lose

frequently lost things featured in my wheel thrown ceramic bowl
Frequently lost things featured in one of my wheel thrown ceramic bowls.

One of these days I won’t forget where I put my phone, my keys or my “to do” list. I’m not sure when I’ll be patient the whole day or when it’ll feel like someone hit the “refresh” button on my brain.  Here’s to hoping it’s sooner rather than later.

Hon, what do you lose?

  1. Phone—-as in, “Is it in the car or house?”  “Can someone please call it?”  “Oh shoot, it’s on ‘silent’!”
  2. Keys—-as in, “I had them when I unlocked the door so where could they be?”
  3. Lists—-as in, “I have to have my list. I’m lost without it!”
  4. Socks—-I seriously have a bag of single socks.  They go on Match.com in an effort to hook up with their soul (sole) mates.
  5. Earrings—-as in, “I took them off last night and left them on the dresser.” Maybe the sock thief took them, too.
  6. Coupons—-as in, “I know I have a coupon for a million dollars off at…(whichever store you are going to now).  Don’t leave until I find it!”
  7. Recipes—-as in, “I have a great recipe for (fill in the blank) but it’s lost in my Bag O’ Recipes.” One of these days, I’ll actually organize that bag and I’ll find a ton of great dishes to make.
  8. Necklaces—-see post titled, “Material Girl Metaphor”
  9. My patience—-okay, this isn’t an object but it might as well be
  10. My mind? I believed that when the triplets went to college, my head would open up, fresh air would rush in and my brain would be rejuvenated. Instead, I’m still trying to reach the cobwebs crowded into the corners of my mind. Some days, my brain feels like the door to The Lonely Mountain in The Hobbit; you have to be able to read ancient runes in order to decipher the specific day, key and way to knock if you want the door to reveal itself. And then other days, there’s a glimmer of clarity. Sigh.