DIY Graduation Party, Words of Wisdom

Proud of our grads!
Proud of our grads!

Miles of milestones.

Our Words of Wisdom Box was inspired by Advice Boxes on Pinterest. After the graduation party, one of my daughters Tweeted, “”Last night my backyard was basically a Pinterest board.” What can I say? I love a party and I love a theme. If I can combine both, even better!

Words of Wisdom Box


shoebox, wrapping paper, Exacto knife, index cards, scissors, pens, sign, frame, basket or other vessel


  1. Wrap a shoebox in wrapping paper.
  2. Cut index cards in half.
  3. Cut a slit in top of shoebox long enough to slip index cards through.
  4. Make a Words of Wisdom sign. (“Give advice to our new graduates.”)
  5. Set up box, pens, index cards and sign.
  6. Invite guests to be creative.
Wrap a shoebox, cut a slit in the top, provide paper and pens, and add a sign so guest know where to drop their word of wisdom.
Wrap a shoebox, cut a slit in the top, provide paper and pens, and add a sign so guest know where to drop their word of wisdom.

Words to live by.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

“Remember there are a thousand things you haven’t done yet.”

“Believe in yourself. Dream. Try. Do Good.
“Stay true to who you are.”

“Be confident. You are both great. (No tattoos!)”

“Always say yes to opportunities.”

“Never give up!”

“Find something to be thankful for every day.”

“Be a better student. Nevermind, you already graduated!”


Wrap a shoebox, cut a slit in the top, provide paper and pens, and add a sign so guest know where to drop their word of wisdom.
Wrap a shoebox, cut a slit in the top, provide paper and pens, and add a sign so guests know where to drop their words of wisdom.

DIY Graduation Party, Selfie Station

The church bells rang as I took this picture!
Church bells rang in celebration!

Polaroid-Inspired Pics

A Selfie Station is a fun idea for any celebration. Set it up and say, “Cheese!”

Selfie Station How To

  1. Gather supplies: hot glue gun, large piece of foam board or tag board, Exacto knife, photo props (At Michael’s, we found a kit with die-cut graduation props), container to stand props in, large sheet or towel, pushpins, markers.
  2. Assemble props by hot-gluing props to dowels. Stand in a container.
  3. Cut a “window” out of the foam board. Decide if your giant photo frame will be landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) and, using Exacto knife, cut out a large “window” in the middle. Leave a larger band of foam board along the bottom.
  4. Personalize the bottom of your giant photo frame.
  5. Set up a backdrop. Hang a sheet or towel as a backdrop. Keep the sides in place with push pins. (Tip. I tapped each pin with a small hammer, making the backdrop extra secure.)
  6.  Hand write or print out a Selfie Station sign. Place the sign along with props next to the backdrop.
Hot-glue dowels to back of die-cut props.
Hot glue dowels to back of die-cut props.
Fun photo props.
Fun photo props.







Cut out middle of foam or tag board, leaving a larger space at the bottom for personalization.
Cut a “window” out of the foam board, leaving a large space at the bottom for personalization.
Using pushpins, secure asheet or towel as a backdrop. Set up photo area.
Use pushpins to secure a sheet or towel to the wall.











Let guests know where the Photo Booth is with a sign.
Set up the Selfie Station by the backdrop, including props and a sign.
Me and my Muhlenberg grad.
Me and my Muhlenberg grad.
My college girlfriends' daughters and mine.
My college girlfriends’ daughters and my Plus One. How fun!

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Quick and Easy Candy Jars

Mason Jar
Candy Jar

Little Shop of Horrors Congratulations Goodies

In my last post, Creative Cupcakes (Little Shop of Horrors), I experimented with fondant. I admit it. It’ll be awhile before I make cupcakes as elaborate as those again. If you want quick and easy favors, give-aways, congratulations goodies or party activities, these DIY Candy Jars are a cinch to put together.

In lieu of gift cards for my middle schooler’s friends, I decided to make my own Congratulations Goodies. I already owned the mason jars, ordered the candy, and asked my in-house graphic designer (aka Hubby) to print labels.

The result? Sweet gifts for a creepy show–creepy in a good way!

Hon, you know what this means? I LOVE a theme!

Here’s what you need to make your own Quick and Easy Candy Jars:

Mason Jars–available at craft stores

Candy–candy and colors to go with your theme, I used green M & M’s and Frankford Gummy Body Parts Candy

Labels and Ribbon (optional)

That’s It.  Happy DIY’ing! (and enjoy some show pics)

Gummy body parts.
Gummy body parts.
Fill the jar.
Fill the jars.


Audrey II, the man-eating plant, in Little Shop of Horrors.
Little Shop of Horrors’ man-eating plant, Audrey II. See what I mean by creepy?
Seymour and Urchins.
Seymour and Urchins on Skid Row.


Curtain Call.
Curtain Call.
My little Urchin!
My little Urchin!




Cake Ice Cream Cone
Cake-In-A-Cone with Icing and Extras.  Yum!

Do you need a cool, kid-friendly dessert?

Cake-In-A-Cones were a hit with the middle schoolers at my daughter’s New Year’s Eve party. You know how much I love a theme, but this pre-decorated or decorate-your-own dessert would be fun at any party.

Happy Sweet Tooth, hon!

Combining ingredients of cake mix.
Combine ingredients to make cake batter.
Line muffin tin cups with foil so cones will stand.
Line muffin tin cups with foil so cones will stand.







Cake-In-a-Cones right out of the oven.
Cake-In-A-Cones right out of the oven.
Cake-In-a-Cone ready for icing and extras!
Ready for icing and extras!



1 box of cake mix

eggs, however many the cake mix calls for

vegetable oil, same as the eggs, check the box

24 flat-bottomed ice cream cones

regular sized muffin tins

Icing and Extras, such as sprinkles, mini-marshmallows, M & M’s, cinnamon candies, etc.


1.  Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

2.  Prepare muffin tins by lining each cup with aluminum foil.  This will help the cones to stand.

3.  Combine cake batter as directed on cake box.

4.  Stand cones in muffin tins.  Fill each cone about 3/4.

5.  Bake for about half the time noted on the box, then check to see if cake is done.  If not, keep in oven and bake until a toothpick inserted in center of cake comes out clean.

6.  Cool before decorating.