Key Karma

Image c/o Bill’s Lock & Key

Did you know February 14-20, 2021 was Random Acts of Kindness Week?

I was the lucky and happy recipient of a recent act of kindness!

On a recent drive from New Jersey to Maryland, Hubby used his own set of keys to drive my car. It’s habit for me to grab my keys when leaving the house, so there I was with an extra set “just in case.” We don’t usually bring our dog Lucy, but decided she’d join us on this adventure.

We stopped at a rest stop in NJ where Hubby and I took turns escorting Lucy to “do her business.” Habit again–approaching my car, I took my keys out, but then stuck them in my coat pocket when I remembered they weren’t needed. Lucy didn’t love the hand-off, and practically pulled me off my feet trying to follow Hubby inside the rest stop. I bet you can guess where this is going.

It wasn’t until we reached Maryland that I realized my keys were missing! We re-traced steps and searched the car to no avail. I called the only place we’d stopped on the road and–guess what?--my keys were at the rest stop! The manager had them in his possession and would be working the next day at the same time we’d be driving back to NJ.

A woman had found them in the parking lot and turned them in! An act of kindness for sure! We surmised that when Lucy anxiously tried following Hubby, my keys fell out of my coat pocket. The woman left her contact info because she had the foresight to remove one of the car key fobs. Her intention was to turn that car key into a dealer who would then locate the car’s owner–us! Wasn’t that above and beyond?

On our return trip home, two things happened. The first is that we retrieved my keys. Whew! The second is that we found out the name of the thoughtful woman and–hon, get this--her last name is same last name as my oldest childhood friend and one of my dearest friends in New Jersey! Isn’t that an interesting coincidence?

So, shout out to good karma, random acts of kindness and thoughtful people!

And SHOUT OUT to Stephanie Brenner for stopping at the rest stop, finding my keys, turning them in, and mailing me the other car key fob! THANK YOU!

Hon, have you been been the recipient of a random act of kindness? Have you been the kind person? I’d love to hear about it.

The Top Ten Things I Lose

frequently lost things featured in my wheel thrown ceramic bowl
Frequently lost things featured in one of my wheel thrown ceramic bowls.

One of these days I won’t forget where I put my phone, my keys or my “to do” list. I’m not sure when I’ll be patient the whole day or when it’ll feel like someone hit the “refresh” button on my brain.  Here’s to hoping it’s sooner rather than later.

Hon, what do you lose?

  1. Phone—-as in, “Is it in the car or house?”  “Can someone please call it?”  “Oh shoot, it’s on ‘silent’!”
  2. Keys—-as in, “I had them when I unlocked the door so where could they be?”
  3. Lists—-as in, “I have to have my list. I’m lost without it!”
  4. Socks—-I seriously have a bag of single socks.  They go on in an effort to hook up with their soul (sole) mates.
  5. Earrings—-as in, “I took them off last night and left them on the dresser.” Maybe the sock thief took them, too.
  6. Coupons—-as in, “I know I have a coupon for a million dollars off at…(whichever store you are going to now).  Don’t leave until I find it!”
  7. Recipes—-as in, “I have a great recipe for (fill in the blank) but it’s lost in my Bag O’ Recipes.” One of these days, I’ll actually organize that bag and I’ll find a ton of great dishes to make.
  8. Necklaces—-see post titled, “Material Girl Metaphor”
  9. My patience—-okay, this isn’t an object but it might as well be
  10. My mind? I believed that when the triplets went to college, my head would open up, fresh air would rush in and my brain would be rejuvenated. Instead, I’m still trying to reach the cobwebs crowded into the corners of my mind. Some days, my brain feels like the door to The Lonely Mountain in The Hobbit; you have to be able to read ancient runes in order to decipher the specific day, key and way to knock if you want the door to reveal itself. And then other days, there’s a glimmer of clarity. Sigh.