Aqua Lustre

Chesapeake Hyatt Infinity Pool and Chesapeake Bay, Maryland
Chesapeake Hyatt Infinity Pool and Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

Water is in the news.

I planned on posting photographs of water before predictions that Hurricane Joaquin was headed our way. Luckily, it didn’t reach our town and we avoided another Hurricane Sandy situation.

Along with patterns created by the juxtaposition of sky and man-made objects, I love taking pictures of water. Its’ color, translucency or opaqueness, movement and mystery are eternally fascinating.

Aqua water is especially alluring, which is why I love the Aqua Lustre Raku glaze offered at my summer Raku class.

There’s more to come in this Series of Blue (Serene Sky and Metal and Blues).

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Ceramic plates I glazed with Aqua Lustre.
Raku ceramic plates I glazed with Aqua Lustre.
Ceramic vase and tea box.
Raku ceramic vase and tea box I glazed with Aqua Lustre.
Grotto in Israel
Grotto, Israel
Sandpiper Bay Infinity Pool, Florida
Sandpiper Bay Infinity Pool, Florida
Bar Harbor, Maine
Bar Harbor, Maine.  Check out the hammock.  WHO was planning on sleeping there?

Hurricane Sandy–Uprooted

After five nights of dark and cold, we sought out warmer digs in Bmore or Baltimore.  Now, back in New Jersey, we are waiting to see if the Nor’easter will send us back on the road again.  The roads were salted early this morning and it just started snowing but, we are thankful that our house wasn’t damaged, happy that we have a house, fortunate that we have family to stay with and glad that we have wonderful friends and neighbors.  Hon, we are lucky!

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy busted through the doors of New Jersey and threw a tantrum.  She howled, spit, bit, shrieked, stomped and made a mess.  We don’t have electricity and our town’s substation was destroyed so there will no electricity for awhile. Gas stations are running out of gas so we are all preserving the gas in our cars by walking.  It gets to the mid 40 degrees at night so we wear hats inside, several layers and bury ourselves under heavy blankets.  We read by lanterns and shut off our flashlights to preserve batteries.

But, hon, we have hot water and a gas stove, no damage to our house and great neighbors.  The night after the storm, when our street was blocked by downed trees and lines, we had an impromptu “S’mores Night” around our fire pit.  Friends stayed until 11pm chatting and commiserating.  People brought chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers…and homemade bread, beer, wine and champagne.

School was cancelled this week and I suspect it will be next week, as well. “Mom, Mother Nature doesn’t like Halloween,” said one of my daughters.  I assured her that the freak snow storm last year and the hurricane this year are highly unusual.  “Mom, what is there to do without computers and t.v.?” asked the same daughter.  I dug latch hook kits out of a closet and she and friend worked most of a day on latch hook pillows.  Next on the list:  crochet hats for her dolls, if I can figure out how to crochet!

I am able to post this because I found Wifi a few towns away and I’m not sure when I’ll be back on the internet.  Hurricane Sandy has given me a lot to think about:  tornadoes, wildfires, tsunamis and radiation leaks.  I don’t think Mother Nature is against Halloween but I do think she wants to show us who really has power.

Here are some pics from my town:

boards that were blown off a store front
a store prepped for the storm

a downed transformer

this tree took out four cars (not mine)
the hill up to my house

Fly Fishing

I was mesmerized by the fly fishermen at Ken Lockwood Gorge, NJ.  They reminded me of my dad who says I converted him into a fly fisherman but hon, if I did, it was an accident.  I bought him a fishing book years ago and it turned out to be about fly fishing.  Now, his fly tying kit sits in his den and his waders stand at the ready (see post:  “Lost in a Fishing Boot” under the “Think Tank” category).

I wanted to send out a new post before Hurricane Sandy hits.  She’s supposed to hit New Jersey hard and she’s supposed to make landfall soon.  In anticipation of losing power for awhile, school’s been cancelled for two days, we have taken down our Halloween decorations, moved anything not bolted down, and stocked up on water and non-perishable foods.  So, for all of my international followers–I’ll let you know how it goes.  And for all of my mid-atlantic region followers, hope you fare well!