Bay Laurel Knit Tunic

Bay Laurel Knit Tunic

Reasons I haven’t knit a sweater in years?

#1 The gorgeous, royal-blue, mohair sweater so hot to wear, it could serve as outerwear in Antarctica.

#2 The chunky, off-white, cable-knit sweater so large, I nicknamed it “The Horse Blanket.”

#3 The cute, turquoise, cotton top that stretched right off my shoulders.

#4-10. Not enough patience. Not enough time. Not sure of my skill set. Etc, etc, etc!

That’s why when I decided to knit something I could wear other than a scarf, mittens or a hat, I opted for a straightforward body shape. I still had to learn a bunch of new stitches, but this Bay Laurel Knit Tunic is my breakthrough!

The pattern has way too many steps to share in this post, so if you want to check  it out, click Ravelry. After setting up an account, you can search “Bay Laurel Tunic” and the pattern’s maker, Julie Turjoman, and you’ll find it.

Happy knitting, hon!