NASA Trip: Rocketry

Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex

What makes perfect sense to build at the  Kennedy Space Center Visitor’s Complex? Rockets, of course!

Hon, did you ever build rockets as a kid? My brother built model rockets, and we’d set them off in a field behind our elementary school. One time, we couldn’t figure out where one of his rockets landed. We searched and searched and never found it, but relished that rocket’s trajectory–it went higher than all the others.

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Javier, Mr. Yi, Max, Andrew, Clare and Frances.

NASA Trip–Vehicle Assembly Building

Even though we were told the Vehicle Assembly Building covers 8 acres, the enormity of the building didn’t hit home until we walked inside. Then, it was like looking up inside a skyscraper!

Top Ten Fun Facts About NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Building

  1. The VAB is part of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center and was designed so that the Saturn V and Space Shuttle could be assembled and stacked vertically onto the Mobile Launch Platform.
  2. Construction for the Vehicle Assembly Building was completed in 1966.
  3. At 525 feet tall, the VAB is the largest single story building in the world.
  4. The American flag painted on the VAB as part of the 1976 United States Bicentennial celebrations was the largest in the world at that time.
  5. On the American flag, each star is 6 feet tall, each stripe is 9 feet wide, and the blue field is the size of a regulation basketball court.
  6. 4,225 pilings were driven down 164 feet to bedrock with a foundation consisting of 30,000 cubic yards of concrete.
  7. Inside the building, there are four high bays where rockets can be assembled.
  8. The doors to the VAB are the largest in the world at 456 feet (139.0 m) high, and take 45 minutes to completely open or close.
  9. The VAB has its own weather! Since the building’s interior volume is so vast, humid air rises, moisture condenses and forms on surfaces, and the condensations falls down, like rain.
  10. The building has been used as a backdrop in several Hollywood movies including Marooned, SpaceCamp, Apollo 13, Contact to name a few.
Team Mercury

Source: Wikipedia

Aqua Lustre

Chesapeake Hyatt Infinity Pool and Chesapeake Bay, Maryland
Chesapeake Hyatt Infinity Pool and Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

Water is in the news.

I planned on posting photographs of water before predictions that Hurricane Joaquin was headed our way. Luckily, it didn’t reach our town and we avoided another Hurricane Sandy situation.

Along with patterns created by the juxtaposition of sky and man-made objects, I love taking pictures of water. Its’ color, translucency or opaqueness, movement and mystery are eternally fascinating.

Aqua water is especially alluring, which is why I love the Aqua Lustre Raku glaze offered at my summer Raku class.

There’s more to come in this Series of Blue (Serene Sky and Metal and Blues).

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Ceramic plates I glazed with Aqua Lustre.
Raku ceramic plates I glazed with Aqua Lustre.
Ceramic vase and tea box.
Raku ceramic vase and tea box I glazed with Aqua Lustre.
Grotto in Israel
Grotto, Israel
Sandpiper Bay Infinity Pool, Florida
Sandpiper Bay Infinity Pool, Florida
Bar Harbor, Maine
Bar Harbor, Maine.  Check out the hammock.  WHO was planning on sleeping there?

Flying High

At Club Med Sandpiper in Florida, I just had to try the trapeze. Thoughts as I climbed the ladder to the platform:
1. I’m not afraid of heights but, wow, this is high up.
2. Ummm, I have to stand on that thin platform?
3. Thank goodness I have a harness on (and there’s an instructor on the platform with me). Starting to wonder if this was a bad idea.
4. Grab the trapeze with my right hand. Got it.
5. Stretch, reach and grab the trapeze with my left hand while leaning my body over the platform–uhhh, I’d rather not!
6. Step off the platform, swing and use all of my strength to hook my legs over the trapeze–now!
7. Arch back, swing and I’m flying high!
8. Gottcha! I did the “catch”–OMG!!
9. A not so graceful drop to the net.
10. Exhiliration!