Easy Kids Craft: Shaving Cream Snowmen

Shaving cream/glue snowmen made by a Three’s class.


Creating snowmen or other snowy scenes using a shaving cream/glue combo is snow fun because it engages several senses. The kids smell the shaving cream, listen to the can, feel the texture, and see the color. What ratio of shaving cream to glue to use? According to KiwiCo Corner, “Mix one part shaving cream with one part glue. The mixture ends up thick and goopy–and dries up puffy, like snow!” The “snow paint” can be applied with paintbrushes, sponges, spoons or hands. (Two year-olds like to use their hands. LOL!)

As recommended by a Three’s teacher, I outlined snowmen, glopped “snow paint” onto the snowmen sections, and handed out spoons. Each child picked buttons and a construction paper hat, scarf, eyes, and carrot nose. Fun!

Next multi-media and textured project: Winter scenes of green, felt trees on black construction paper, snow made with both silver glitter and Q-tips dotted white paint. Winter spirit!

Easy DIY Kids Crafts: Silk Flower Arrangement

Not Just For Kids!

Looking for an easy, DIY Mother’s Day gift? I made this silk flower arrangement for my mom when I wanted to give her something pretty that required no care. I featured a photo of it on my blog before, but How-To instructions were posted in my guest post on middle grade author Darlene Beck-Jacobson’s blog Gold From The Dust: Bringing Stories to Life. If you’re like me, you have Styrofoam-from-packages lying around the house (because why throw away something that might come in handy in a craft project?) If not, supplies can be found at local art shops such as A Paper Hat Art + Design Supply (curb side pick up) and crafts stores such as Michael’s and A.C.Moore. 

Happy creating, hon!

  • silk flowers
  • vessel
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • Styrofoam blocks or pieces
  • moss
  • marker, serrated knife, wire cutter, scissor
  1. Figure out how many pieces of Styrofoam will fit in and fill up vessel. With marker, mark where to cut Styrofoam and, using serrated knife, cut foam into correct number of pieces.
  2. Prepare flowers part 1. Determine how long stems need to be to sit inside foam and also stand above rim of vessel. Tip—hold flowers in a bunch, approximating the way they are to be arranged. This helps determine which stems are to be cut shorter and which longer. Trim stems with wire cutter.
  3. Prepare flowers, part 2. With scissors, cut off excess leaves, especially those that would sit inside foam. Too many leaves get in the way. Too few leaves may look bare. Tip–Save cut leaves to possibly glue to moss.
  4. Hot glue bottom of cut Styrofoam and secure inside vessel.
  5. Hot glue flowers stems, then stick stems into Styrofoam, carefully arranging flowers. Add extra glue to spot where foam and stems meet.
  6. Spread moss around top of Styrofoam. Lift up sections, then glue them down.
  7. Fill in bare spots of Styrofoam with more moss and cut leaves.

Easy DIY Kids Crafts: Garden Snack

Ida Frosk’s pretty plate.

Ida Frosk’s adorable birds.

Garden Snack.

Fun With Food!

The last Food Art project my K-2 After School Enrichment students created was inspired by Ida Frosk’s pretty plate and adorable birds. So fun assembling Garden Snacks and then, of course, eating them!

  • strawberries
  • blueberries
  • cucumbers
  • red and green peppers
  • sugar snap peas
  • cream cheese colored with green food coloring
  • any other fruit and veggies you want to add to your “garden”
  1. Slice green peppers into stems, cut strawberries in half, and cut up red pepper into petals.
  2. Using cream cheese as “glue,” layer ladybugs and create a picture.
  3. Eat and enjoy!

Easy DIY Kids Crafts: Picasso Inspired Food Art

Pablo Picasso, Portrait of Dora Maar, 1937

The Art Toast Project by Ida Frosk.

Another Food Art project for my K-2 After School Enrichment students was inspired by Ida Frosk’s The Art Toast Project and her interpretation of Picasso’s cubism. I love how the kids used the ingredients to make their own cubist portraits of a woman.

  • bread
  • butter or cream cheese
  • cheese slices
  • raisins
  • yellow pepper
  • roasted red pepper
  • lettuce or parsley
  • black licorice string
  1. Discuss Picasso and cubism.
  2. Using butter and/or cream cheese as “glue,” create a cubist portrait.
  3. Eat and enjoy!

Snowy Mixed Media Scene, Kids Craft, Part 2

I love how different colors of snowy paper were used to create the background.

Describe your picture! 

The kids in After School Enrichment classes were happy to share their work, proud of their creations, and loved describing what was happening in their scenes. I loved seeing how each child combined materials. The kids couldn’t wait to share their pictures with their families.

Click here to learn how to make “snowy” paper.

Supplies for snowy mixed media scene:
  • “snowy” paper made with marbles and a larger, thicker piece of white paper
  • stickers (We used panda and skiing stickers.)
  • white glue
  • yarn and/or any other things you want to add to picture (ideas: mini-pom-poms, gems, foam stickers or shapes, ribbon)
  • scissors
  • markers
  • newspaper
Steps to make snowy mixed media scene:
  1. Spread newspaper over work area.
  2. Cut snowy paper to fit scene however desired. Glue to white paper.
  3. Add stickers and glue yarn or other elements to picture.
  4. Draw on picture if desired.
  5. Sign and let dry.

Snowy Mixed Media Scene, Kids Craft, Part 1

Winter’s not over yet! 

Got kids? Need an easy activity for them? Why not make a snowy mixed media scene starting with marbles, paint, and construction paper? The kids in my After School Enrichment class had fun creating their own background snow.

Supplies to make “snow” with marbles and paint:

  • white paint (we used water-based poster paint)
  • marbles
  • paint palette or paper bowl
  • construction paper
  • scissors
  • newspaper
  • either a disposable cup with lid or another small container with lid

Steps to make “snowy” paper:

  1. Spread newspaper over work area.
  2. Cut construction paper into strips, squares or whatever shapes you want. Place one strip into disposable cup.
  3. Squirt paint onto palette. Place marbles in paint, rolling them around so that they’re covered.
  4. Place paint-coated marble into cup, secure lid, and shake.
  5. Carefully remove paint-splattered construction paper. Let dry.
  6. Repeat coating of marble, lining inside of cup with construction paper, and shaking marble inside of cup until you’ve created a bunch of “snowy” paper.

With lid secured, paint-coated marble is ready to shake.

“Snowy” paper drying.

Next post: mixed media scene comes together.

Toddler Time, Easy Holiday Craft

Got toddlers?

The two-year olds in my pre-school class loved this easy activity. At the end of class, they carried their pumpkins with proud expressions. I’m sure their artwork will be on display for Thanksgiving. So cute!

Glue pumpkin onto tagboard.

Punch holes in tagboard and attach pipe cleaner (or ribbon or yarn).


–tagboard, construction paper

–scissors, glue

–pipe cleaners, ribbon or yarn

–dot markers, magic markers


  1. Cut pumpkin shape out of orange construction paper. (Think green tree for Christmas, blue dreidel for Chanukah, red heart for Valentine’s day, etc.) Glue holiday shape onto white tagboard. I cut the tagboard to approximately 8”x11”. I drew the pumpkins free-style.
  2. Punch holes in top of tagboard and attach pipe cleaners (or ribbon or yarn).
  3. Decorate with dot markers and magic markers.

Tip: Place newspaper under craft for quick clean-up. Use a paper towel to sop up dot marker paint.