DIY Cabinet Makeover









We’re at it again!

Hubby and I are shuffling rooms, something we’ve been doing ever since we moved in. When I had a home-based crafts business, a bedroom became my workspace. Fast forward to triplet toddlers, and the dining room transformed into a playroom. (I definitely wasn’t entertaining!) When those same toddlers woke up every day at the crack of dawn, our “sitting room,” a small room between our bedroom and theirs, was fitted with a couch, VCR, mini fridge, and individual containers of cereal. Guess who learned how to pop in Sesame Street and get themselves drinks and snacks? (I call it promoting independence!)

Shared bedrooms gave way to individual bedrooms and back to shared when our fourth child was born. A finished attic, which had been a guest room, became our son’s room when WWIII broke out every morning. The reason?  Triplet tweens fighting over bathroom access before school! (Hubby may or may not have turned the hot water off when certain people hogged the shower!) Tween girls sharing a room argued over bedtime routines and privacy, so we somehow squeezed a twin bed and night table into the “sitting room.”

The basement has been a playroom, party room, craft room, tween and teen hangout area, American Doll sanctuary and, during quarantine, Hubby’s temporary office. Time to switch again! My office is becoming Hubby’s and the “sitting room” is becoming mine. That leads me to my newest project…re-painting an office cabinet. Just like the desk refinished recently, I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, a quick drying paint that covers furniture without priming or sanding, and Clear Chalk Paint Wax, which seals the paint. They’re the same products used to turn three different colored wood dressers and a night table in a matching set.

Refinishing furniture isn’t just relaxing, fun, and satisfying for adults; why not pick a project that kids can work on? For an Easy DIY Kids Craft, let kids choose a piece of furniture (chair, night table, step stool, side table…there are so many possibilities) and paint color. This paint has minimal fumes, goes on smoothly, and washes out with water. It’s a win-win.

Happy DIY’ing, Hon!

Taping edges.
Painting on the porch.


DIY Desk Makeover

When one of my daughters said she’d like a desk for her Manhattan apartment, I said, “Pick one.” Stored in our attic were two dark wood desks. She chose Hubby’s childhood desk, and our mother-daughter project commenced. After the desk and its coordinating chair were painted, waxed, and cured, they were moved to their new home in Manhattan. The makeover was complete when the desk was dressed up with new handles.

The secret to this DIY project? Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, a quick drying paint that covers furniture without priming or sanding, and Clear Chalk Paint Wax, which seals the paint. I used the same products to re-finish three different colored wood dressers and a night table, as seen in the post DIY Bedroom Makeover.

Re-painting furniture is so easy, quick and satisfying! Shout out to my brother who says he and his kids pick a piece of furniture to re-paint every summer.

Hon, have you re-finished furniture recently? What were you working on and what paint or stain did you use?

Hon, I’m always interested in more DIY ideas!

Hannah painting white over dark wood.
The city desk.