DIY Graduation Party, Mason Jar Centerpieces

Mason jar centerpieces.
Mason jar centerpieces.

I admit it. I love mason jars!

I’ve decorated mason jars in the past and will use them again in the future. I collected centerpiece ideas on Pinterest, then Grad #1 and I put ours together.

Graduation Party Mason Jar Centerpieces How-To

  1. Figure out how many mason to use, and use your own or purchase jars at a craft store.
  2. Measure diameter of jars to figure out how much burlap, or other trim, will be needed. I decided to use a wide burlap ribbon on a tall mason jar to balance the size of the pennants.
  3. Design pennants and print out on card stock. My in-house graphic design guy, aka Hubby, used Adobe Illustrator. There are also sites that offer free, downloadable graduation designs. We found a variety of graduation designs on the site Lil Sprout (Greetings).Cut out pennants.
  4. Hot-glue dowels to back of pennants. Trim pennants to desired height with garden clippers.
  5. Decide on additional decorations. Red Gerber Daisies were a must for our centerpieces, and we added foam graduation sticker-decorated dowels. (Tip: I ran out of dowels but created new ones by hot-gluing craft sticks together. Call me resourceful!)
  6. Weight the mason jars and anchor the pennants with glass marbles. (Tip: I added a small amount of water to each jar so the Gerber Daisies wouldn’t wilt.)
  7. Set tables and enjoy!
Pennants printed on card stock and dowels.
Pennants printed on card stock and dowels.
Decide on which width ribbon works on what size jar.
Choose ribbon based on size of jars.
Measure and cut burlap ribbon.
Measure and cut burlap ribbon.


Wrap burlap ribbon around jar and hot glue ends together.
Wrap burlap ribbon around jar and hot glue ends together.

DIY Graduation Party, Step-by-Step Prep

The church bells rang as I took this picture!
Church bells rang in celebration!
Handsome son and Hubby.
Handsome in dress blues!

Woohoo! Yay! Congrats! 

Two of my kids and their friends celebrated graduating at a backyard barbecue. Hon, you know how I love a theme? What was I to do when their school colors clashed? I wanted to throw a dinner party with a theme and/or colors that said “graduation, bbq, and dressy casual.” When I stopped at a party rental store for inspiration, black and white check linens caught my eye. Using burlap as an accent, I was off and running!

This will be a week of How-To’s, but first here’s what the overall Party Plan looked like.

Menu: sliders, hot dogs, chicken, cole slaw, baked beans, salad, french fry bar (french fries with a variety of dipping sauces), s’mores, cookies, fruit salad, candy bar

Linens: alternating black and white tablecloths, black and white check napkins

Tables and Chairs: this goes hand-in-hand with linens, how many and what size tables being used determines how many and what sized tablecloths are needed, we supplemented our own tables and chairs with rentals

Centerpieces: mason jars trimmed in burlap, school pennants, red Gerber Daisies

Game, Activities: Polaroid-inspired Selfie Station, Words-of-Wisdom box

Favors: graduation hat and diploma cookies

Decorations: banner,Tiki torches, party lights, balloons

Invitations: Evites (I usually prefer paper invitations, but it was much easier to collect, send out and track a large amount of graduates’ email addresses rather than street addresses, especially since most students were in transit between school and home.)

Great advice for graduates (and me)!
Great advice for graduates (and me)!