On the Edge

Images source: Edgenyc.com

While the nation’s been on edge during this tense presidential election, Hubby and I celebrated our anniversary by visiting the actual Edge. Suspended in mid-air 100 stories up, Edge is an “outdoor sky deck” offering 360-degree views around Manhattan. Looking straight down from the indoor windows is dizzying, but amazing. Taking in the panoramic view once outside is breathtaking!

Edge is located in Hudson Yards, a new neighborhood built on top of what used to be open air over train tracks. We didn’t ascend the Vessel, interactive artwork in the form of a spiral staircase, but we walked through Hudson Yards, past The Shed towards the High Line and down to the Meatpacking District for dinner. By the time we returned to mid-town, The Empire State Building was lit up in my favorite color. Exploring a new site and walking in the city was a great distraction and a fun date!

Travel Bug Part 2, Crayon Box Burano, Fishing Village

Burano, Venice, Italy
Burano, Venice, Italy

This is a re-post of the 2nd part of Crayon Box Burano in honor of travel!

Hubby and I are off to England and then France for a whirlwind anniversary trip. We’re not the only ones in the family who will be abroad. Morgan’s  going to direct a music video in Tokyo and is there now! She packed up and left within 48 hours of finding out. (“Mom, I guess you can do that when you’re 25 years old.” My response, “True, true.”)

Shout out to our amazing children along with my dad and Hubby’s mom, who are treating us to this vacation.

Hon, happy and safe travels whenever and wherever you go.

Crayon Box Colored Homes

Burano, an old fishing village in the Northern Venetian Lagoon, is famous for its brightly colored homes as well as its lace-making. Legend has it that fisherman couldn’t recognize their houses through the fog, so they painted their homes bright colors.  It’s said that house colors have been with families for centuries. Today, if someone wants to repaint his house, he must send a request to the government, who will let the him know which colors are permitted for that lot.

When we toured the islands of Murano, Torcello and Burano, I’m glad our vaporetti, or water taxi, stopped at Burano last. It was definitely the jewel-in-the-crown.

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Striped curtains match house colors.
Striped curtains match house colors.

Many houses and buildings are adorned with religious wall plaques.
Many houses and buildings are adorned with religious wall plaques.

Laundry lines are a common sight.
Laundry lines are a common sight.

Pink up close.
Pink up close.

Colorful canal.
Colorful canal.

Lucy’s 1 Year Anniversary (Four Season Puppy)

Lucy joins our family.

Spring–Porch Puppy.

Summer–Shady Puppy (under the car’s open back hatch).

Fall–Autumn Leaves Puppy.

Fall–Halloween Puppy.

Winter–Snow Puppy.

Happy One Year Anniversary to our adorable, sock-eating, shoe-stealing Border Collie/ Black Lab mutt (uh, I mean “mixed breed”) who joined our family last November!  She’s our very own brown-eyed, soulful sweetheart.  Sure she’s a lot of work, but she shows us how to enjoy the simple things like a belly rub and a nap.  She makes us laugh with her games of “Rip Around the Dining Room Table”, “Hide the Ball Under the Couch” and “Watch Mommy Fetch The Ball.”

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (Diamonds for her white markings/ Lucy for short) wouldn’t have joined our household if it weren’t for Daughter Number Three’s Girl Scout troop volunteering at a shelter.  I tagged along with the troop and was smitten by the puppies.

Allergic hubby and two allergic teens officially “allergy tested” a bunch of pups (they rubbed different sections of their arms on different dogs until, lo and behold, one dog didn’t require an immediate dose of Benadryl to halt hives).

Hon, I was always a “cat-person.”  Truth-be-told, I still am.  But now I’m a dog lover, too.

Top ten reasons why I love Lucy:

1. She’s my running partner.

2. A furry dog makes a great personal foot warmer.

3. To her, every day is a great day.

4. She accepts herself for who she is.

5. She looks at the world like a toddler; everything’s new and interesting.

6. I don’t have to fix the broken doorbell.  Lucy announces all visitors.

7. She still believes she will be friends with our 13-year old cat.

8. I have a reason to imitate Ricky Ricardo on a daily basis. (“Lucy, you have some esplainin’ to do!”)

9. My three college freshmen say they miss Lucy more than they miss me, hubby and little sister.

10. Daughter Number Three, who was terrified of dogs for the first 10 years of her life has been transformed!  She said, “Mom, I never realized dogs had personalities.  I was just afraid because they were dogs.”