Jens Jakobsen Creates Enchanting Gardens

Image source: London Stuff.
Jens Jakobsen at Ian Stuarts’ bridal boutique in London. Image source: Follow that Bug.

Last year, when Hubby and I traveled to London, we came across the most interesting garden. Jens Jakobsen’s floral construction utilized foliage and branches in ways I’d never seen. On his website, Jakobsen says, “Flowers are a never ending story, filled with all the emotions; joy, happiness and sorrow. I am truly alive when amongst nature, the very presence of flowers is enough to inspire me.”

Jakobsen created a garden that adorned bridal designer Ian Stuart’s beautiful boutique located in Blewcoat, a historic school built in 1709. It was inspirational and enchanting.

Click here to see more of Jakobsen’s designs. Hon, we all need a dose of enchantment right about now.


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