A Week of Positives: Ceramics

1,750 degrees F! That’s the temperature the Raku kiln must reach before Peter removes pottery and then sets them in a bed of sawdust where they burst into flames!

Pottery is therapy!

Wheel throwing, hand building, trimming, carving, sanding and glazing force me to be in the moment. This summer, due to Covid-19, one of my Ceramics teachers offered a limited-spot, mask-wearing class. One of the wonderful things about learning from and working with Peter Syak is ending class with an always-dramatic Raku firing. My favorites pieces from the class are a desk caddy and lamp bases (my first ever lamps!). We used an Extruder, which is like a giant Play-Doh tool, to make unique bowls. I carved them and added feet, but won’t know they turn out until I Raku fire them this Fall.

Want to know more about Raku firing? Check out Raku Intensive.

Lamp base, unglazed.
Lamp base, unglazed.








Unloading the Raku kiln.
Lamp bases, glazed.
Desk caddy.



3 thoughts on “A Week of Positives: Ceramics

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  2. WOW,. Naomi! I’m enjoying learning more about you! I use to paint ceramics…a LOT, many years ago. Stopped maybe 30 years ago. The only time I tried the wheel was when I “tried” art school. I could NOT master it! I’m so impressed by this 😀 VERY cool ❤


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