Music Video: mxmtoon’s almost home

mxmtoon, photo courtesy of You Tube
As the creative director for mxmtoon, my daughter Morgan directed the singer’s two latest music videos. “almost home” is the last track of the “dawn” EP and “bon iver” (tomorrow’s post)is the first track on the “dusk” EP, and the two videos transition from dawn to dusk in lighting and atmosphere. Check out the cool animation that accentuates movement and mood.
Marked by clear singing and mxmtoon’s ukulele and guitar melodies, dawn offers diverse sounding songs that cover depths both pleasing and surprising. The result is a treasure that exudes positivity and satisfies the need for good news in this time.   New Noise
Want to know more about mxmtoon, whose name is Maia? Click here to read about her background. Want to know more about her music? Click here to read about the concepts behind her albums and songs.

Thanks for watching, hon!

3 thoughts on “Music Video: mxmtoon’s almost home

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  2. Thanks for sharing. Loved the video. I got a lilt watching, listening, and imagining with the kiddos. This young lady can go far, and I hope she goes as far as she can. Music heals. 🙂


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