Easy DIY Kids Crafts: Multi Media Owls

Whoo Loved This Project?

All the kids enjoyed this project, which started with an almost blank canvas. Almost because each K-2 student received a canvas sporting the outline of an owl. How they painted and decorated their owls was up to them . Guess where I taught this After School Enrichment class? In the art room! The classroom had a creative vibe (no surprise), deep sinks for washing up, and light streaming in through the windows.

Happy creating, hon!

  • canvas (9 x 12 or whatever size desired)
  • pencil
  • water-based paint and paint brushes
  • objects for decorating–buttons, feathers, silk leaves, pom-poms, pipe cleaners, foil paper, wrapping paper, etc.
  • white glue
  • paper plate, paper bowl, or palette or paints
  • cup or bowl w/water (for rinsing brushes)
  • paper towels or rags (for blotting paintbrush)
  • newspaper (for protecting art area)
  1. Find an image of an owl, or whichever animal desired.
  2. Using the pencil, copy the outline and a few details of the owl onto the canvas.
  3. Set up work area, including paper plate, bowl, or palette for paints, cup or bowl with clean water, and paper towel or rags for blotting the paint brush.
  4. Choose paint colors.
  5. Paint owl. Let dry.
  6. Once paint is dry, glue decorative objects to canvas. Let dry.

Materials can be found in the house and/or purchased at local art stores (A Paper Hat in Maplewood) or craft stores (Michael’s). During quarantine, many local stores are filling orders over the phone and offering curbside pick up.



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