Easy DIY Kids Crafts: Initial Fleece Pillows

Fleece is easy to work with because it cuts easily and doesn’t fray. K-2  kids can handle a needle and thread (really!) or work with supervision on a sewing machine. For this project, which is great for all ages, my After School Enrichment students pinned and sewed their letters onto the fronts, pinned and sewed the fronts and backs of the pillows together, added stuffing, and then sewed them shut. Voila! Soft, personalized pillows!

Party idea: These pillows are their own take party activity and take home “favor!” For a virtual party, drop off supplies at party-goer’s houses and then create activity via the internet. I just mailed supplies for Spring Bling Countertop Containers to my nieces and nephews and, after they arrive, we’ll set a Zoom date so we can create together. Fun!

Happy creating, hon!

Initial Fleece Pillows


–paper, pencil, ruler, scissors

–2 colors of fleece, one color for initial, contrasting color for pillow body, amount of fleece depends on finished size of pillow, Tip: Need fleece? Cut up an old blanket, jacket or shirt.

–needle and thread (if sewing by hand) or sewing machine

–straight pins



  1. Draw paper patter for initial (or other shape). Draw paper pattern for outline of pillow, whatever size you choose, measuring to make sure sides are equal. {Top & bottom should measure the same and left & right sides should measure the same.}
  2. Cut out one fleece initial. Cut out two equal pieces for pillow body (front and back).
  3. Pin initial onto center of front and sew it on, either using whipstitch or straight stitch.
  4. Pin front and back pieces together. Sew all four sides, leaving about a 2″ opening. Tip: Seams were sewn about 1 1/2″ in from outer edges of fleece. Chalk or a light pencil mark can be used to draw seam lines to follow while sewing.
  5. In 2″ opening, insert stuffing. Tip: a chopstick or thin, long tool will aid in pushing stuffing into four corners. When pillow is as stuffed as you want, sew pillow closed.

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