Easy DIY Kids Crafts: Treasure Jars

Decorated Mason Jars.
DIY Treasure Jars

If ever I was going to post kid activities, this is the time!

I’ll be posting a bunch of ideas for the next few weeks.

Camp visiting days are an opportunity for kids to show and tell. They’re also a great source of craft ideas. I was particularly excited about the Treasure Jars so I included them in a previous Highlights article, 12 Ways to Reboot Your Summer.

For this crazy, quarantined time, why not find treasures on a hike? I see “treasures” every day when I walk Lucy. Acorns, variegated pebbles, petrified wood, leaves, new blooms and, my favorite, feathers! I’ve found blue jay and sparrow feathers, a large, wild turkey feather, and a tuft of raccoon fur! I’m always on the lookout for interesting objects and coyote pups. (Last spring, a coyote pup peeked his head out of a conduit to say hi!)

Another DIY Treasure Jar Idea? My daughter said her camp provided glow-in-the-dark paint. Turn out the lights and let  the memories shine!


–mason or mayonnaise jar

–any combination of stickers, pom-poms, paint, paint markers, permanent markers, colored tape and feathers

–craft glue that adheres to glass


–Decorate jars.

–Add keepsakes such as seashells, pebbles, acorns, feathers, souvenirs, movie stubs, show stubs, etc.

–For a personalized touch, label with name and year.


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