Pieces to Keep You Toasty Warm Through Winter, Published In Elegant Lifestyles Magazine

Winter 2020

The February/March issue of ELS came out and, with it, lots of lifestyle articles. The two I wrote for the magazine cover fashion and sustainable landscaping. Whenever I’m asked to write an article on fashion, I flashback to my UMass classes on the history of fashion. I found it fascinating to trace changes in society by studying what people wore. For “Pieces to Keep You Toasty Warm Through Winter,” I researched fabrics (flannel), mountain climbers (puffer coats and vests), and mills (fleece). I also checked out photos of athleisure, a style trend that may not have been coined when I was in college, but was being worn by all of us who ran from dorm to class to work to class again.

Happy reading, hon!

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