Wolf Sighting In My Backyard!

Three Women and a Wolf

You’re not going to believe what me, my daughter and a friend witnessed this week…a wolf walking alongside our fence!

We couldn’t believe what we were seeing and as I was shouting, “It’s a coyote!” my daughter and friend disagreed and were yelling, “No, it’s a wolf!” Hon, you may remember my post about living in New Jersey, Animal Kingdom in the Suburbs, but I’ve never seen–or even heard–of a Grey Wolf sighting in the area! The only wolves I’ve seen in the Garden State are the ones I photographed at the Lakota Wolf Preserve in  Columbia, NJ. They were gorgeous, interesting, and on the other side of a chain link fence. The wolf in my backyard looked lost, like how the heck did I end up here and how can I get back up to the South Mountain Reservation? He wasn’t hunting and, though he was larger and taller than a full breed German Shepherd, didn’t look scary. I wasn’t quick enough to get a good photo–in the one I snapped, he’s hunkering down.

So cool!

Grey Wolf seen in my backyard.


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