Find Your Inner Superman, New York City Marathon

Yesterday was the perfect day to watch the New York City Marathon!

Trains heading to Manhattan were packed as Hubby and I rode in to see our son. He signed up in honor of his college friend, Alex, who was paralyzed in a ski accident a year and a half ago.

Alex is an inspiration and a real superman! He raced in a wheelchair!

Even if you don’t know someone running in the marathon, it’s awesome to watch. The energy, music, and spectators make New York City a five-borough block party.

While fundraising, Teddy sent this out:

I’ll be running the NYC Marathon with a group of friends to support research for spinal cord injuries. The Christopher and Dana Reeve foundation did a ton to help our friend Alex as he recovered from his accident last winter and we’re pumped to be able to give back to them and anyone else affected by paralysis.

We have been training hard and fundraising like crazy and are all excited to get out and crush the race tomorrow. With your generous help, our NYC Marathon Team has raised a total of over $360k for spinal injury research already! We are trending towards being their highest fundraising team in organization history.

Alex wheelchair-racing!
Teddy, in white baseball hat, passing 88th Street and 1st Avenue.
Friends Jenna and Meg join sister Hannah to cheer Teddy on. The sign says, “The Fastest Ever Triplet!! Go Teddy!”
Stopping for a quick pic at 95th Street and Fifth Ave.
Funny signs! “Smile, remember you paid to do this!” “All for a magnet, 26.2” and “Consider this practice for the zombie apocalypse.”

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