Awesome Advertisements

Kudos to Saks Fifth Avenue for printing these “No Apologies” ads with  Lauren Hutton in Fendi  and Achok Majak in Proenza Schouler. I especially love the quote, “Over-apologizing takes the worth away from your words.” Want to read more about why girls apologize too much and what it means as they grow up? Check out this article from the Child Mind Institute by Rae Jacobson, “Why Girls Apologize Too Much, How to help them stop saying ‘sorry’ and express confidence.”

Hon, I love the message at the end of the article.

Tools for the future

Helping your daughter drop unnecessary apologies and begin using clear, direct language will give her a powerful tool for success in the future.  

No matter who she’s speaking to—friends, teachers, co-workers, or even someday the employees of her own company—knowing how to communicate with confidence sends the message that she’s self-assured, proud of her skills, and comfortable expressing her ideas.

And she’s not sorry about it one bit.


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