Graduation Party Theme: Chalkboard

Selfie Station. Cut a window out of a Foam Core Poster, add a chalkboard panel with the year, and provide fun selfie props.

Need a cool graduation party theme?

“Chalkboard” is the theme for the party I’m throwing my youngest. Chalk markers (purchased at Michael’s)and black cardstock are all you need. Find a “chalk alphabet” online to use an inspiration, pencil in letters, then outline with the markers and fill in with hatching.

Candy Bar:

Labels for the Candy Bar: Create small labels for candy containers. Honor Roll for Tootsie Rolls, Coloring for Gummy Crayons, Phys Ed for Chocolate Sports Balls, B-Day Treats for Mini Rice Krispie Treats, and Snack Time for Fruity Chews.


Black ribbon with chalk letters: Wrap ribbon around mason jars and secure with hot glue. I layered the “ABC” ribbon over burlap-wrapped jars I’d made for previous parties. What’s going inside? Yellow Gerbera Daisies.

More party decor and details on the way…

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