Greenwich Village

Kaleidoscope image of my daughter.

It feels like Spring today!

It was an unusually warm day when I took my daughter and two friends to Greenwich Village to visit the Museum of Illusions. I passed the museum on a Saturday and, hon, there was a line down the block to get in! So glad we went on a weekday.

We also stopped by a decorative rubber stamp and paper arts shop, The Ink Pad, where we gawked at walls of stamps and stencils, rows of ink, and counters topped with cool, crafty things. (I bought a textured foam pad to try with my Ceramics.)

We had a yummy lunch at Tavern on Jane. As we discussed appetizers, a man in the restaurant proclaimed that the Tavern was known for its wings. I asked if he was the owner, (he was) so we ordered them.

When we passed a shabby chic shop (say that three times fast!) called Soapology, we had to go in. We didn’t have time to formulate custom scents, but we all walked out with lovely, naturally scented soaps.

How could we resist dessert at  Aux Merveilleux, a beautiful French bakery, or pâtisserie, specializing in Frédéric Vaucamps’ meringues and brioche? Magnifique!

Meringues at Aux Merveilleux.

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