Easy Winter Kids Craft, Felt Mitten Bookmarks

Got kids?

Are they stuck inside because of snow, ice, and the polar vortex? Do they have a case of cabin fever? Do you need an idea for an activityHere’s an easy craft that my K-2 After School Enrichment class made. My list of supplies is a suggestion. Get creative and use what you have on hand.

Ooh–I have another idea! This craft would be a great winter birthday party activity. Pre-cut felt mittens and ribbon. Set up a workstation. Place mini pom-poms, googly eyes, foam shapes, sparkly stars, etc. in bowls. Let the kids assemble, glue and decorate their bookmarks. Fun!

Happy crafting, hon!

Gather supplies.
Measure ribbon and cut out mitten shapes.
Sandwich ribbon between back and front mittens. Decorate. Let dry.
Felt Mitten Bookmarks
  • felt (or a thick fabric), small pieces will do
  • fabric glue
  • grosgrain ribbon (or satin ribbon), about 14 inches per bookmark
  • tiny pom-poms
  • small googly eyes
  • any other things to use for decorating such as glitter glue, thin ribbon, foam shapes, sparkly stars
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • marker
  • craft stick (or cotton swabs)
  • newspaper, wax paper, tin foil, or cloth (whatever you don’t mind getting glue-y)
  1. Set up craft area with newspaper, wax paper, etc.
  2. What size book is the bookmark being made for? A picture book? A chapter book? Measure the book, then add 6 inches to that measurement, which will allow ribbon to stick out of the top and bottom of the book and to be sandwiched between the felt. For example, if a book measures 8 inches, I’d add 6 inches and cut a 14 inch piece of ribbon
  3. Draw mittens on the felt. Cut 4 mittens out of the felt, making sure they are the same shape so that when they’re glued together, they match up.
  4. Match up the felt mittens, figuring out which will be the fronts and which will be backs. Using craft sticks (or cotton swabs), spread fabric glue on the insides of the mitten. Sandwich 1 inch of the ribbon between the fronts and backs. Press to help glue adhere.
  5. Decorate mittens, either one side of each mitten or both, there’s no right or wrong.Let dry.

Tips:  Trim excess felt. Check seams for gaps and, using craft stick (or cotton swab), add extra fabric glue where needed.

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