Lost Wallet and Good Advice

This has never happened to me before. Really!

My daughter and I were driving back to New Jersey from Massachusetts when Hubby called.

Hubby:  Did you lose your wallet?

Me: Uhh, I don’t think so…why?

Hubby:  I just got a call from a man who found your wallet.

Me:  Wait! What?! Where?!

Hubby: Apparently, he found your wallet at a rest stop. He took out your  library card and called the library thinking they might have your phone number, but the library is closed today. Then he located my business card and called me.

Me:  OMG! We stopped about a half hour ago, but my messenger bag was on my body the whole time! How could this have happened?

Daughter: You mean you’re driving without a license? Mom, Waze says your going over the speed limit. Slow down!

Hubby:  The man–his name is Fred and he’s 84 years old–said he’ll wait for you at a McDonald’s. Where are you?

Me:  That’s behind us and we’re headed to our friends’ in Connecticut. Oh no! What should I do?

Me to Daughter: Do you have any money? We’re need to fill up and get lunch.

Daughter: I didn’t bring my wallet.

Me:  UGH!

Daughter:  What? You’re doing all the driving.

Hubby: Okay, here’s what you can do. Stop at Fred’s house on your way back to New Jersey. He sounds nice…

Daughter:  Of course he’s nice. He’s returning the wallet.

Me to Daughter:  You don’t have any money? What snacks do we have?

Hubby:  It’s not too out of the way. Just don’t get pulled over between now and then!

We hadn’t seen our friends in awhile and felt bad thinking we’d walk in and say, “Hi! So great to see you and can we please borrow money?” Turns out we didn’t have to because a) we figured out we had enough gas to get to Fred’s house, and b) our friends, being so thoughtful, had picked up lunch for us. We ate, visited, and drove the speed limit to Fred’s house. We pulled up just as he did.

Me:  Fred, thanks so much for being a good samaritan! Can I give you a hug?

Fred:  Sure. Count your money. It’s all there.

Me:  That’s not necessary.

Fred:  Now, if you had had $250,000 dollars in there in small bills, I might have helped myself to some…

Me:  Can I offer you something as a reward?

Fred:  Please, don’t insult me, but I do have advice for you, same as I tell my daughter.

Me: Yes?

Fred:  Put your phone number in your wallet.

Me:  Good idea!

Fred:  And you’ve got too many cards in your wallet! You only need one, maybe two.

Me: But, I keep the old ones just in case…

Fred:  Trust me, get rid of them! Too many cards!

Thanks to Fred for finding and returning my wallet, and to my friend, Leigh, for surprising us with lunch. Good advice, Fred…I’m about to clean out my wallet!

P.S. Since Fred wouldn’t take a cash reward, I sent him a yummy Coffee Cake.

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