Raku Intensive

As promised in my post Show and Tell:  Doing Dishes–ta da–here are my finished Raku pics. I’m happy with the wiggle wire circular boxes and Japanese lantern boxes. Either shells or stones will be attached to the top of the lantern boxes. Some jewelry dishes turned out bright, but some weren’t as pretty as I’d hoped. Those will get a coat of acrylic paint and varnish.

A shout out goes to Peter Syak, Uber-Instructor, Intensive-Scheduler, Person-With-the-Most-Patience, and Master-of-Fire (it feels like mwahaha should follow Master-of-Fire.) The Raku firing process is so exciting!

Check out the show-stopping, 1750 degree F clay as the kiln top is lifted.

Sawdust burst into flames as soon as the pieces came in contact with it.

At the end of the day, we smelled like chimneys!

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5 thoughts on “Raku Intensive

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  2. Since I had no preconceived notions about your Raku, I love all your colorful one-of-a-kind creations. I suspect you put a lot of love into each one, which makes them uniquely beautiful.

    Shells and stones will be a nice finish for some, and varnish or paint a nice finish for others. I hope you also plan to initial each one too, as they are your imperfectly perfect masterpieces!


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