Music Video, The Venus Project – (Won’t Hurt)

My daughter Morgan directed this music video. Enjoy!
Georgia Nott, one-half of Kiwi duo Broods, has just released her first solo album. The Venus Project, Pt.1 was made completely by women and released on International Women’s Day. Here’s part one of Georgia’s interview with Marty Duda and a performance of Numb.
Lyrics to “Won’t Hurt”
I could know where I am and I’d still be lost
I could be lonely when the party is mine to host
For all the places I’ve been
I’ve only been skin and bone
So I wrap myself in you and pray that I’m not a ghost
I’m not a ghost
I could be screaming and you wouldn’t hear a word
For however heavy my heart is, my mind is worse
But all that you hear
Is confidence clear as day
So I wrap myself in you and pray that it won’t hurt
It won’t hurt
“It feels awesome to be surrounded by really super strong women that are changing how they present themselves to the world to bring about change and saying what they want to say.” Georgia Nott

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