Fairy Furniture, Part 1

What’s more magical than fairy houses? Fairy furniture!

Indoor fairy furniture was formed using wood, rope, mushrooms, cork, burlap and pebbles. Some of the pieces must have come from old-fashioned doll houses. All of it is oh-so-cute! Click here to learn more about the Fairy Trail in the South Mountain Reservation.

Mushrooms, moss and corks make up this tiny dining set.
There’s room for lots of fairies at this table.
Fairies would have sweet dreams on a burlap bed with cork pillows.
Twigs and rope make a cute canopy bed.










Check out this comfy couch and traditional floor lamp.
A tiny toilette!







My nieces on the Fariy Trail.

Want to learn how to make your own fairy furniture? Click here for a link for some great ideas. Happy creating, hon!


4 thoughts on “Fairy Furniture, Part 1

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  3. lynsirota

    SO cute and imaginative. So you! I was very into “little people” as a child. My cousins used to own the museum of miniatures in CA but sold it years ago. I think she is still on the Board of Directors.


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