New Year’s Resolution

Painterly landscape of the Rahway River in the South Mountain Reservation, New Jersey.

In 2017 let us remember

that with one departure

there is an arrival,

that following every before

there comes an after

and that the moments that 

seem utterly minor

will undoubtedly add up to 

something major.

This year is just like any other.

The only difference is 

what you decide to make of it.


Source: Tiffany & Co. Jan. 1, 2017

12 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution

  1. Cathy

    Beautiful work. And, yes, the words speak to the ebb and flow of life, which really is lived in the little things that happen every day, if only we would stop and enjoy them. Like the painting. Watching the occasional ripple on the the water’s surface. Watching the leaves circle slowly, lazily connecting, separating, following their own path. Leaves on trees parting enough that light touches water, encouraging sun sparks which flash across the surface….


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