Glass Class

Glass rods in a Venice studio.

Glass fusing isn’t just for kids!

Thanks to a SCBWI meet up a few years ago, I discovered a fun place to fuse glass. Most recently, I visited Fire Me Up Studio in Cranford, New Jersey with my daughter and friends. We picked our projects, donned our goggles and gloves, and went to work scoring, snapping and breaking glass. We needed instruction. We needed patience. We needed a snack!









Glass rods glued to a glass base. The glue burns off when glass is fired.
My daughter’s rainbow design slumped into a bowl.
Before. (Do you “see” my inspiration?)
After. (If you guessed the beach, you were right.)

Fire Me Up Studio: Glass fusing as well as pottery painting, hand building and canvas painting, Cranford, NJ.

Glassworks Studio: A DIY glass fusing studio, Morristown, NJ.

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