Edgar Degas: A Strange New Beauty

Frieze of Dancers, c.1895
Frieze of Dancers c.1895, Oil on canvas

Good Impressions

I’ve always loved Impressionism, so I felt compelled to visit the MOMA to see the exhibit on Edgar Degas before it closes July 24. Maybe it shouldn’t have come as a surprise when a quote by Degas spoke to my experience as a writer. I write, revise, begin again, write, revise, repeat. I just finished listening to the audio version of The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. In the Afterword, Gaiman says he waited until he was a good enough writer to write this book. Maybe writing, revising, beginning again and repeating the process is practice until my writing is good enough to bring my stories to life.

Just maybe.


Two Dancers, c.1898
Two Dancers c.1898, Pastel on eight sheets of pieced paper
The Road in the Forest, c. 1890
The Road in the Forest c.1890, Monotype in oil on paper
Pathway in a Field, c.1890
Pathway in a Field c.1890, Pastel over monotype in oil on paper
Three Dancers, 1900-1905, charcoal and pastel on tracing paper
Three Dancers 1900-1905, charcoal and pastel on tracing paper

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