Happy Dolly-Day!

Dolly, my aunt's cat.
Dolly appeared on Bmore Energy before. Click here to read about this rescue kitty’s history. In this photo, her tilting ears, slightly lowered head, and curling tail show that she is wary of the visitor (me). 

I’ve always loved animals but, before we adopted a dog, I considered myself a cat person.

As a child, I spent hours playing with our cat Sugar. In college, my roommates and I had several cats, and Hubby and had two beautiful Himalayans, Katie and Kimba. So, even though I now know what a dog is saying–trust, me I narrate Lucy’s thoughts much to Hubby’s annoyance, I also know how to read a cat. When my aunt’s cat, Dolly, came out of hiding to inspect the me, she talked with her body language.

Here’s the translation.

"You might be friendly, but I'm watching you."
“I’m watching you.”
"My mommy's here which makes me feel safe, but so are you, and that doesn't!"
“My mommy makes me feel safe. You don’t.”









"There's a box I must get to."
“I am temporarily ignoring you while I explore the jungle!”
"Don't look at me! I'm trying to hide."
“I am a either a wild cat hiding in tall grass or a city cat hiding behind files.”










"I really want to go inside the box, but I haven't fully committed because you are here."
“I’ll go in the box as long as you don’t make any sudden movements.”
"Boxes are awesome, but you're not."
“Boxes are awesome, but I’m still on alert.”










"This is as close as I'm getting.
“Whew! Safe! I made it in the box…but I’m keeping my eyes on you!”

Hon, do you narrate your pet’s thoughts?  I can’t be the only one!

Previous post on Dolly where you can read about her rescue.


One thought on “Happy Dolly-Day!

  1. Love this! I no longer have a pet. But when my betta was alive, I often narrated his requests for food (which were many). I have been a pet sitter though. I’ve watched cats and dogs. Their antics are amusing even without my narration. 😀


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