Amazing Marathon! New York City Marathon Video, Redux, too.

NYC Marathon course, bib, .and mile marker bracelet
NYC Marathon course, bib, and mile marker bracelet.
Hubby and Teen Daughter.
Hubby at Mile 22 and Teen Daughter.

Happy New York Marathon Day!

I’m re-posting this video from last year in honor of the big event today, the New York Marathon. This year, Hubby is running in the Philadelphia Marathon. I bet the enthusiasm will be the same. I know I made it, but I just love this video. The excitement is palpable and contagious!  Hon, thanks for watching.

November 2, 2014, I got high.

Not from drugs, drinks or too much sugar, but from witnessing Hubby and 49,599 other marathoners reach their goal–running the New York Marathon. Thanks to one of my college girfriends, (shout out to Kim) Hubby and I arranged meeting points along the route. It was her hubby’s third marathon (shout out to Oliver–Woohoo!) At our first meeting spot in Brooklyn,Teen Daughter and I were joined by Pratt Daughter and her roommate. Then Teen Daughter and I rode the rails all over the city. Seeing Hubby during the Marathon was unbelievable. So much training, discipline and hard work.  In other words, AMAZING!

Hon, I hope my 3 minute 53 second video gives you a taste of the day.

Click here to watch:  New York Marathon Video

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