Cancun Chaos

Are we headed to Cancun on Spring Break or a Girl Band named "Big Hair & Denim"?
College Girls.  Are we headed to Cancun on Spring Break or a Girl Band named “Big Hair & Denim”?

 Who can forget Spring Break?

My son and his college buddies recently returned from Spring Break in Cancun, a tourist destination known for beautiful beaches, turquoise water, and American students having a lot of fun.

When I told my college girl friends where my son vacationed, they all remembered our Spring Break in Cancun.  How could we forget it, especially our last night there?

Here’s the lowdown on the slowdown that  caused Cancun Chaos! 

Who:  Approximately 200 college students.

What:  Departure of a charter flight back to the U.S.

Where:  Cancun International Airport.

When:  8 pm (late ’80’s–could you tell from the hair?)

Why:  Good Question!

What Happened?

Shortly after arriving at Cancun International Airport, the shops brought down their gates.  Then, some airport employees left.  Then THEY ALL left!  Two hundred college kids were like, “What just happened?” and “Where’s our plane?” and “Holy Moly–we’re locked in!”

Apparently, our flight was cancelled or postponed or whatever!  So, the airline workers went home.  Guess what we didn’t have?  Cell phones (gasp!).  I remember being tired and angry.  If we’d known the flight was cancelled, we could have either stayed at our hotel another night or hung out with my childhood friend, who also happened to be in Cancun.  Ugh!

We had no way of letting anyone know we were stuck and no way of finding out when we might leave.  It was chaos!  Those who had bought Mexican blankets were in high demand.  The rest of us climbed on top of X-Ray scanner belts, pretended to be airline attendants and, basically, got delirious wondering if and when a plane would arrive.

And then?

Around 8 am, airline workers unlocked the airport doors.  They weren’t in a hurry and they didn’t apologize.  What did they care if a couple hundred American students had practically eaten their sombreros in desparation?

At 9 am, a charter plane arrived. What I don’t remember is if we all cheered upon takeoff or immediately fell asleep!

Open air market.
Open air market.
Hair and high-cut swimsuit--so Eighties!
Lots of hair and high-cut swimsuit–so Eighties!
Tanning in turquoise water.
Tanning in turquoise water.










Shout out to my childhood friend
Shout out to my childhood friend.
Hanging out on the X-Ray belt and, yes, crawling, through the machine.
Hanging out on the X-Ray scanner belt and, yes, crawling, through the machine at Cancun International Airport.

 Hon, do you have a ridiculous travel experience?  I’d love to hear about it.

4 thoughts on “Cancun Chaos

  1. Wow! Now that’s horrible!!! Glad you made it home safely. I sat in the Atlantic City airport waiting for my flight to arrive. I kept seeing a delayed sign on the board. After two hours of waiting we were told that the flight still hadn’t left Florida. Half an hour after that, we were told that the flight was canceled due to mechanical problems. Never mind the fact that many of us would be late for work or had other things going on. Had to spend the night in a motel and get up early in the morning to get on a plane. Turns out it was the same plane that had had mechanical trouble, which the pilot for some reason felt the need to announce over the intercom once we were up in the air!!!


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