Amish Country, A Step Back in Time

Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Hon, Bmore Energy might be a lifestyle Blog, but sometimes I feel compelled to break format. The news of the kidnapping of two Amish sisters reminded me of a childhood incident, so I’m combining memory with photographs. Both took me back in time.

When I was in elementary school, and walking home from a friend’s house, a creepy man driving a sketchy car veered to the wrong side of the street and cruised downhill alongside me. I can’t remember if I was 10 or 11 years-old, but I’ll never forget what that man looked like. I could pick him out of a lineup. I felt exposed by his laughing eyes and curling lips.  He sneered, inviting me to join him. I ran, afraid to look back, terrified that he was chasing me. I bolted behind houses until I reached my back door. I banged and screamed until my mother heard me. I was safe. I was fine.

Not really the first loss of innocence for me, but definitely the scariest up until then.

So, two “smart, strong, resilient,” Pennsylvania Dutch speaking Amish sisters are back home. Safe. But, their ordeal isn’t really over. G-d speed their inner and outer healing, and the vanquishing of demons cruising streets with evil eyes and sneering mouths.

Hopefully, open sky, fertile fields and green land will bring peace of mind.  Can you smell the scent of overturned earth in these photos?

Lancaster, PA
Lancaster, PA


Farming tobacco.
Farming tobacco.





4 thoughts on “Amish Country, A Step Back in Time

  1. So glad you were safe. I hope that guy was caught before he harmed another child.
    My brother and sister-in-law lived in an area where a number of children were kidnapped. They eventually moved, but during the time they lived there, they were afraid to let their kids out of their sight.


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