Dinosaurs Dressed Up












All Dressed Up and Somewhere To Go

I’ve spent a lot of time at the  American Museum of Natural History, especially when my kids were little. We marveled at the dinosaur bones, studied the amazing wall in the Hall of Biodiversity, and gazed into space at the Hayden Planetarium.

Subway Art under the museum.
Subway Art under the museum.
Subway "fossils."
Subway “fossil.”
Subway "fossil."
Subway “fossil.”

At the museum a few years ago, I watched Tibetan monks build sand mandalas and meditated with  Abbot Khen Rinpoche Geshe Kachen Lobzang Tsetan Khen Rinpoche (Khen Rinpoche for short).

But, I’d never been to the museum in the evening, dressed up and as a guest at a fundraising gala.

A T-Rex, towering and fearsome.
A T-Rex, towering and fearsome.
The 94 foot long, fiberglass replica of a blue whale.
The 94 foot long, fiberglass replica of a blue whale.

Always impressive, the big blue whale seems to swim in mid-air.  At the gala, it floated above the tables and modern-day finery.

I had such a nice time at the Stephen Gaynor Gala, meeting Hubby’s colleagues, meeting Suzy B of Suzy B Jewelry, bidding on raffles, dining on a delicious dinner, and rocking to a set by Lauryn Hill.

And guess who I introduced myself to…

the MC of the night…

drum roll, please…

Anderson Cooper!

Anderson Cooper and me!
Anderson Cooper and me!

Anderson was gracious and friendly.  I shook his hand.  He asked if I wanted a picture and I said yes, but first I had some things to tell him.

I told him he was my favorite journalist, that I watch him almost every night, thought he did a great job covering the earthquake in Haiti, saw him when he was in the Ukraine, like the way he presents both sides of an issue but his panelists aren’t acrimonious, and wondered about the outcome of the Oscar Pistorius trial.  Anderson asked me (ME!) what I thought of the trial.  I seriously could have talked to him all night!  Then we had a photo taken.  My mom says, “No wonder he looks so happy in the photo.”

I am still thrilled thinking of it.

Hon, have you ever met someone you admired from a distance?  I’d love to hear about it.


16 thoughts on “Dinosaurs Dressed Up

  1. Laura, you got the “hon” down, now tell me how you pronounce “water.” In Bawlmer, we say “wooder.” Tiny crabs on pants is adorable! Thanks for the awesome compliment and, did I mention, that while fawning over Anderson I said, “You’re so intelligent!” ?


    1. Alas! I think that living in the Philadelphia area for over 20 years has taken its toll. I may be a “Wah-der” person now. *sigh* Well, at least I no longer say “star-foan” for that stuff they use to make disposable coffee cups and filler for packages 😉


  2. You’re gorgeous, hon! I can’t even imagine the thrill of meeting your favorite journalist — especially when said journalist happens to be super hunky and uber brilliant. (BTW, went to a party in Bawlmer last night and one of the guests was sporting pants with tiny crabs on them. Only in Bawlmer, hon!)


  3. you look amazing. Love the dress. I am sure Anderson fell in love with your sparkling personality! I wish I had been there because two crazy aunts are better than one (ha).


    1. Jeri, imagine Anderson surrounded by us crazy “aunts?” His head would be spinning! My sparkling personality might very well have been a result of drinking a glass of champagne prior to meeting him The dress is ready for the red carpet but, alas, my invitation to the Oscar’s must have been lost in the mail.


  4. That must have been an unforgettable experience, Naomi. And I am quite sure Anderson was very much enlightened after talking to you! He spoke at Karley’s University this year and they honored him as an “honorary WONK.”


  5. That was one amazing night. And you met Anderson Cooper? He is one of the most talented influential humanitarian journalist of his generation. When I saw him speaking for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines and speaking with so much truth, honesty and genuine kindness, he became my favorite journalist and I bet millions of Filipinos worldwide felt the same. Thanks for sharing this unforgettable gala. For a moment, it felt like we were there with you with the many beautiful stars.


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