Underground Art

The Empire State Building.
The Empire State Building.

Manhattan On My Mind.  

Last week, I attended a gala (very fancy!) for a private school in Manhattan. Who? The Stephen Gaynor School. What? A fundraiser. Where? The American Museum of Natural History. Hosted by? Well, that’s a surprise for later in the week.

I love the museum for many reasons, but I found another reason to delight in visiting. If you reach the museum by subway, specifically the 81st Street entrance, you will find gorgeous mosaic tiles.

Hon, happy hunting for underground art!




My favorite?  Stay tuned…

Do you have a favorite?  



8 thoughts on “Underground Art

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  3. A couple of summers ago, we were in NYC staying on the Upper West side. We walked to the Natural History Museum, but by the time we left, there was a torrential downpour, so we scuttled into the subway station. What a treat to see those beautiful mosaics there! Thanks for sharing.


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