Snow Ball


Snow swirling, eyes to the sky.  

One with Winter, the snow and I.

As I ran outside to take pictures of the snow falling, a thought crossed my mind.  What if I lay down in the pure, white powder and became one with Winter?  But, Lucy wanted to play ball…

…so we did.

“Where did the ball go?”
"I know the ball's in here somewhere."
“I know the ball’s in here somewhere.”
"Got it!"
“Got it!”
"I love my tennis ball."
“I love my tennis ball.”

And click here to see Lucy hopping in the snow like a bunny.  The video is from a post called “Snow Puppy.”  Lucky Lucy!  Lucky me!

Do you have a dog?  Does your pup like to play in the snow?

6 thoughts on “Snow Ball

  1. Go Lucy! Our little Princess Leia likes her tennis ball so much she won’t let it go. When you try and take it out of her mouth, she bites down on it hard, all four paws leave the ground and she goes wherever the ball goes.


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