Moody, Magical, Manhattan (Stunning City Video)


Are you freezing in your part of the world?

Here in New Jersey, we wake up to frozen water pipes and temperatures hovering around the teens.  If the thermometer reads above 32 degrees F, it’s practically a heat wave!  My son, who attends University of Vermont, called to ask how to de-thaw a windshield sporting a layer of ice.  It froze in the 16 degrees below zero temperature!

We had another snow day this week and the tweens came to play.  (My house is on a hill.  Pro:  It’s great for sledding.  Con:  Every ball you don’t catch rolls into the street.)  Guess who wanted to play with the Tween Daughter and her friends.  Lucy.  Guess who wanted to play with Lucy.  Me!

When I came inside to warm up, there was a treat waiting for me.  An amazingly talented, ambitious young man, a friend of my triplets, sent me a link to a video he made of the snow in Manhattan.  I usually only post my videos, but Jake Oleson invited me to share his short film.  So you, my supportive, encouraging bloggers and friends, are getting a winter treat, too.  Enjoy.

Click here to watch Jake’s Video.


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