Holiday Party for Tweens

IMG_6797Me to Tween Daughter:  “How would you like to host a New Year’s party at our house?”

Tween Daughter:  “Can I?”

Me:  “Definitely!”

My teens hosted New Year’s parties in the past, but now it was Tween Daughter’s turn. She and I had fun planning her spa-inspired birthday party, and just as much fun shopping and decorating for her New Year’s Eve party.  We kept it small with just nine guests; everyone could fit around one long table for dinner.

New Year’s decorations can be replaced with any holiday decorations, and the activities are just right for middle schoolers.

Decor:  Paper lanterns, silver snowflakes, white holiday lights, brightly colored paper goods and margarita glasses.

Paper Lanterns
Paper Lanterns
Silver Snowflakes
Silver Snowflakes
Brightly colored, holiday-themed decorations.
Brightly colored, holiday-themed decorations.
What's a party without chocolate?
What’s a party without chocolate?

Dinner Menu:  Chips and salsa, veggies and ranch dressing, mozzarella sticks, baked ziti, garlic bread and plain pasta.

Tween Daughter loves my baked ziti!
Tween Daughter loves my baked ziti.
I insisted there be a vegetable on the table!
I insisted there be vegetables on the table!
Cupcake Decorating.
Cupcake Decorating
Party Poppers.
Party Poppers

Activities:  Pictionary Man (new version of Pictionary with a “man” you draw on), cupcake decorating, home-made laser tag (involving “slingshots,” pom-poms and sticky notes), party poppers and Secret Santa. (Secret Santa givers and recipients were previously picked at a friend’s holiday party. The kids came to our house with unwrapped gifts, then we had a “wrapping station” so all the gifts would be wrapped in the same paper.)

Additional Tween Parties Ideas:  Karaoke, the video game Dance Dance Revolution, scavenger hunt, Scattergories, ice cream sundae bar, movie, trivia games such as “How well do you know…”, pinata.

Blenders and Mocktail .Ingredients
Blenders and Mocktail Ingredients
Hubby as bartender.
Hubby as bartender.

Mocktails:  Mocktail choices were Strawberry Dacqueries, Pina Coladas and Shirley Temples.  Garnishes?  Lime wedges and little umbrellas, of course!

Dessert:  Aside from the cupcakes and an Oreo cream pie, guests brought homemade rugelah,  puff pastries filled with apples, candy cane icing cupcakes and cotton candy.

Homemade Rugelah-Yum!
Homemade Rugelah-Yum!
Puff Patries filled with Apples-delicious!
Puff Patries filled with Apples-Delicious!
Candy Cane Icing Cupcakes
Candy Cane Icing Cupcakes-Adorable!
Cotton Candy-Sweet!
Cotton Candy-Sweet!
Tween Daughter with her friends.
Tween Daughter with friends.




"Can I go with the kids?  Please!" Lucy asked when everyone ran downstairs.
“Can I go with the kids? Please?” Lucy asked when everyone ran downstairs.

Countdown:  Watching the ball drop.  10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…Happy New Year!

Hon, how did you ring in the New Year?

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