Philippine Typhoon Relief

A-man-walks-along-as-the-national-flag-of-the-Philippines-flies-over-the-rubble-of-destroyed-homes-in-Tacloban-AFP-1, Agence France-Presse
A-man-walks-along-as-the-national-flag-of-the-Philippines-flies-over-the-rubble-of-destroyed-homes-in-Tacloban-AFP-1, Agence France-Presse

I’ve never posted an appeal for help before but I got a request from Mai Demeterio, a Filipino mom in my neighborhood.  She and Odessa Alpuerto started a grassroots effort to raise money for victims of Typhoon Haiyan.  If you are so inclined, please check out their fundraising effort:  Phillippine Typhoon Relief.

In addition, I follow a blog called This Man’s Journey.  “Island Traveler,” who writes the blog, is also Filipino and raising funds for victims of the typhoon.  If you click on This Man’s Journey above, it’ll bring you to a post about what he and his family are doing and how you can help.

I’m leaving you with a poem I read on Cristian Mihai’s blog, which he reblogged from The Mirror Obscura.

You Were Talking About Bliss

(For a gypsy heart)

You ask me in an offhand way
To tell you what I know,
Of bliss.

To go unobstructed along dark paths,
See the light of day fold itself
Into a canopy of trees
That confides its own theology
Is to be devoutly wished for.

I am not talking about gods
Who have their own agenda
In choirs of water that whisper
To my weaker ambitions.
They can drown out the still small voice
I never hear
Until after it has said
What it meant to say
And left as soft and calm
As it goes to steal away, so quiet
I might think its thoughts were mine.

But, it is my voice that speaks to me;
Not deities or muse,
That puts one foot in front of the other,
That takes me through meadow, forest,
Along some tide worn beach, or into cities
Where humanity attempts to best itself
In a thousand different ways each day.

I will not go gently anymore from here.
I’m done with timid questions. Or else
I fade immeasurably. Grown clear,
Living has become a solid thing, real.
The day to day I answer to.


6 thoughts on “Philippine Typhoon Relief

  1. Thank you for putting the word out, Naomi! I can’t stand to watch video footage of the situation- too heartbreaking 😦 I have donated to the cause and will also be asking friends if they’d like to contribute towards the recovery effort when they attend a little gathering I am throwing on Friday. Thanks again to you and my best to you and yours x


  2. Thank you for sharing a piece ofhope for so many needing it. I still can’t finish the images and videos without stopping and wipe some tears. And now Christmas is coming and for thousands of victims, it will take a long time before they would even see and feel a holiday all Filipinos celebrate with so much joy and passion. My friend and I are working on shelterbox campaign and we are so happy that many families and kids are now living in it. It goes to all countries devastated by calamities. Thanks and Happy Thanskgiving.


    1. Island Traveler, it’s impossible to wrap our heads around what disasters like the typhoon mean to the people and towns that survive. But, it is a comfort that you, your friends and many organizations are raising funds for relief efforts.



    Naomi, Gee, without these heads up I must be tons behind in reading your blog. Did you know I was in the Philippines at least 3 times when I was in Asia. Spent some happy moments there. Even more, one of the Chief Petty Officers in the shipboard division I headed was Filipino. I have a real soft spot for the Philippines and their people. I sent a contribution via a Baltimore-based Philippine relief organization last week. Love, Dad


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