DIY Fall Wreath

Inspiration Wreath
Inspiration Wreath at Michael’s.

A new session of After School Enrichment started and I’m so excited to be teaching two classes.  One is called Creative Minds for 3rd to 5th graders.  Last week, we made Fall wreaths inspired by one hanging at my local Michael’s.

Here’s what you need and how to make your own.

wreath supplies
wreath supplies

Supply list:

Foam wreath form, whatever size you want

Burlap, we measured 6 feet of burlap for each form

Coiled Wire, used to secure floral spray before gluing

Wire Cutters, we used two sizes, one to trim the floral sprays and one to trim the coiled wire

Hot Glue Gun

Floral Decorations, we used colored beads, leaves and floral sprays (leaves with fruit and berries)


Twine, knotted and looped for hanging


1.  Unroll burlap and guesstimate how much you will need to cover your wreath form.

2.  Wrap burlap around wreath form, tucking ends in on what will be the back of your wreath, hot glue ends.

3.  The floral sprays had long stems so I cut the ends off with a large wire cutter.

4.  Use coiled wire to secure floral spray to burlap covered wreath form.  We used a fairly long piece of coiled wire, wrapping it around spray stem in a criss-cross fashion and twisting in back of wreath.

5.  Hot glue floral spray to wreath:  We glued the spot where the coiled wired secured the floral spray and also under the leaves so they would lay flat.

5.  Hot glue colored beads and individual leaves.

6.  Tie ribbon and glue if needed.

7.  Find the top of the wreath and create a hanging loop with twine.

Coiled wire wrapped around stem in a criss-cross fashion.
Coiled wire wrapped around stem in a criss-cross fashion.
Hot glueing, watch your fingers!
Hot glueing, watch your fingers!
Love it!

8 thoughts on “DIY Fall Wreath

  1. A creative, fun way to welcome Autumn. We are going Pumpkin Patch in Austin this weekend. I sound more excited than my 7-year old. I didn’t have Halloween and all these amazing Fall traditions growing up. Best wishes to you and your family.


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